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Deliverr service updates during peak season 2022

Updated 10/18/22

This year’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday (BFCM) takes place November 25-28. But these four days are only the beginning of a long holiday season. Success from now until January relies heavily on proper inventory planning and availability, and having a fulfillment and logistics partner with infrastructure optimized for fast delivery.

While we prepare for high package volume across our network, we want to ensure you’re aware of updates to Deliverr services so you can be confident that your inventory is sales-ready for BFCM and beyond. Learn more about key deadlines, pricing updates, and other important changes to our services during peak including:

Changes to fulfillment services

Important information regarding direct inbounds and forwarding
To ensure our teams can process and strategically distribute your inventory across our network in time for BFCM and Christmas, we’re enforcing the following inbounding and forwarding deadlines:

For inventory to be sellable by BFCM:
• Direct inbounds must arrive at our fulfillment center by November 6, 2022
• Forwarded inbounds must be scanned at our cross-dock by November 6, 2022

For inventory to be sellable by December 10th:
• Direct inbounds must arrive at our fulfillment center by December 1, 2022
• Forwarded inbounds must be scanned at our cross-dock by December 1, 2022

💵 Pricing: From October 21, 2022 to January 15, 2023, fulfillment fees will include a surcharge amount of $0.28 per unit for SKUs below 1 lb and $0.39 per unit for SKUs at or above 1 lb. These prices include fuel and inflation surcharges.

🚚 SLAs: From November 23, 2022 to December 6, 2022, inbound SLAs will be extended in order to prioritize outbound holiday shipments. We will continue to process inbounds during this time but with delays to standard inbound SLAs. You can also expect outbound shipping delays from November 23, 2022 to November 30, 2022 due to increased shipping volume from BFCM.

🤝 Services impacted: The above deadlines, pricing, and SLA changes apply to D2C, back orders, branded packaging, FDA, Lot Tracking, and Temperature Control services.

Changes to Logistics Services

Your business can also expect to see changes to some of our Logistics Services during the holiday season.


🗓️ Deadlines: None.

💵 Pricing: No changes. See current pricing for each Deliverr Freight service here.

🚚 SLAs: No changes. SLAs for Time Guaranteed LTL services vary per merchant and are determined prior to the service start date.

🤝 Services impacted: None.

Although Deliverr Freight services will remain business-as-usual during the holiday season, our team is here to help handle any expedited freight needs you may have. Learn more about each of our Freight offerings here or contact our team to talk about your specific business needs.

Merchant moment: See how Deliverr Freight helped Dastmalchi expedite freight shipments during the 2021 holiday season

Reserve Storage

🗓️ Deadlines: Ecommerce transfers and just-in-time replenishments must be submitted and confirmed in your Seller Portal account by October 24, 2022.

💵 Pricing: No changes. See current pricing for *Deliverr Reserve Storage services here.

🚚 SLAs: Starting November 1, 2022 until December 31, 2022, Reserve Storage outbound SLAs will increase from 2 calendar days to 5 calendar days.

🤝 Services impacted: The above SLA changes apply to all Reserve Storage outbound handling types. See the full list of Reserve Storage outbound handling types here.


🗓️ Deadlines: All items that require BFCM/holiday prep must arrive at our cross-dock by October 29, 2022. Any items that require kitting must arrive by October 25, 2022.

💵 Pricing: No changes. See current pricing for Deliverr Prep services here.

🚚 SLAs: From October 10, 2022 until December 24, 2022, Deliverr Prep SLAs for receiving will increase from 48 hours to 72 hours and SLAs for completion will increase from 72 hours to 120 hours.

🤝 Services impacted: The above SLA changes apply to all Prep services—unit labeling, box content labeling, bubble wrapping, bagging, box building, kitting, and floor loaded containers.


🗓️ Deadlines: None.

💵 Pricing: Pricing for Deliverr Returns during peak season will continue to be based on the processing price. This price is estimated based on the size and weight of the DSKUs selected to be returned from the original order.

🚚 SLAs: From November 23, 2022 to December 6, 2022, the restocking timeline for returns may be extended in order to prioritize outbound holiday shipments.

🤝 Services impacted: Not applicable.

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