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Shopify holiday marketing campaigns

Holidays are coming, which means two things: campaigns and customers. If haven’t planned your Shopify holiday marketing campaigns for this year, then hold on to your hat as we take a sleigh-ride tour of the top Christmas campaigns for your Shopify store.

The holidays in numbers

Last year, total Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend sales on Shopify eclipsed $1.5 billion and reached a peak of 10,978 sales per minute. But the BFCM weekend wasn’t the only success of the season.

Estimates put total online retail sales at $122 billion between November through to the end of December – that’s 17.4% more than 2017.

And sales weren’t the only thing that was up last holiday season. Consumer confidence grew, mobile sales increased, and direct purchases multiplied. 2018 is predicted to be just as successful.

But, none of this matters if holiday shoppers don’t know about your Shopify store or products.

The top Shopify holiday marketing campaigns

Holiday marketing campaigns are integral for getting customers excited about your Shopify store, getting clicks through to your product pages, and encouraging website visitors through checkout.

To pull some inspiration, here are 6 holiday marketing campaigns for awareness, clicks, and conversions this holiday season.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday being two of the biggest shopping days of the year, and this makes them crucial events to be part of. But taking part in BFCM weekend is more than simply adding a discount or two to some of your slow-moving products.

To execute a successful and profitable BFCM marketing campaign, you must do the following:


Prepare your Shopify website for unprecedented traffic by running speed tests, removing broken links, reducing image sizes, and optimizing Shopify for mobile performance with AMP.


Create an end-to-end BFCM marketing campaign that includes social media advertisements, email awareness, relevant landing pages, reminder text messages, and website banners.


BFCM is only as successful as your deals are attractive. Create enticing deals and offer relevant discounts alongside your usual Shopify pricing strategies to encourage customers to convert. And don’t forget to use Shopify inventory software to handle your stock levels and avoid overselling.

Holiday gift guide

The average person spends 13 days shopping for a new item. Add in fussy teenagers and parents who have everything, and your customers are looking at a time-consuming shopping season ahead. Make holiday shopping easier and quicker by offering your customers an interactive holiday gift guide that can help them to find the perfect gift in no time.

You can do this by adding a holiday category to your Shopify theme and splitting sub-categories into different recipients and price brackets.

For example, you may have gifts for secret Santas, presents for children, and treats for dogs, or you might split gifts into under $10, $10-20, and $20+.

Not only can this help to convert your existing website visitors, but you can also use your gift guide to attract new customers by running advertisements on social media and Google Ads.

Further reading: Find out how Vasanti used 2-day shipping on social media to boost Shopify conversions.

Holiday bundles

The holidays are an expensive time of year, with Americans expecting to spend an average of $885 on gifts alone. This considerable outlay makes shoppers particularly receptive to psychological eCommerce tactics that increase the perceived value of products.

A common way to achieve this is by creating and advertising holiday product bundles on your Shopify store.

For example, you can pair commonly bought items together at a discounted rate, combine shipping costs when customers buy product add-ons, or offer a free gift with certain purchases by including slow-moving stock.

This type of bundle increases the customer’s perceived value of a product while also increasing their average basket size and reducing your stock levels.

Fast and free delivery

Fast shipping is one of the most effective holiday campaigns that you can run, as demonstrated by Amazon’s recent promise of “fast, free, and convenient delivery options this holiday season.” Together, these incentives increase perceived product value, while also meeting the human need to avoid risk and stop wrapping presents at a reasonable hour.

However, with shipping and fulfillment being one of the top 5 concerns for e-retailers this holiday season, it’s important to execute this campaign effectively.

You can achieve this through:


Promote your free and fast shipping options using social media, Google Ads, and on-site fast shipping banners and tags.


Set customer expectations of delivery speeds by adding delivery countdown timers to product pages and sending timely tracking information once orders are in transit.

Fast shipping programs

If you’re a multi-channel Shopify seller, replicate your offer of free and fast shipping by qualifying for fast shipping programs like Walmart 2-day delivery.


Compensate customers for late delivery with store credit and improve your ability to meet fast deliveries by partnering with a fast fulfillment provider. With the right fulfillment partner, you can deliver items within 2-days to 95% of the US at a flat rate, and even offer next-day deliveries at no extra cost to those living near to your provider’s warehouses.

Festive emails

The 12 days of Christmas might not yet have started, but that doesn’t mean you can’t begin your own Christmas countdown now. Christmas shopping season is in full swing, and your email campaigns should be too.

Festive emails can be used to:

  • Re-engage existing customers with product recommendations, exclusive discounts, and loyalty schemes. 
  • Attract new customers with social proof, Christmas deals, and product showcases; and
  • Convert cart abandoners with recently viewed products, shipping information, and saved baskets.

You can even get into the true Christmas spirit by running a countdown to Christmas campaign, by sending a different email offer in the run-up to Christmas.

Ho-ho-holiday marketing campaigns

Christmas shoppers are out in force during the holiday season, providing plenty of opportunities for your Shopify store. End the year with outstanding sales, boosted customer numbers, and increased revenue with these tops holiday marketing campaigns. You never know, Sanat might be watching.

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