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14 Shopify Integrations To Automate Your eCommerce Business

eCommerce automation is all about improving your business’ efficiency so that you can invest more time and money into making it grow. And, it’s no longer reserved for the big players – with numerous Shopify integrations available at the click of a button and all within budget. Which are the best Shopify integrations to automate your eCommerce business? You’re about to find out.

The benefits of automating your eCommerce business

It’s surprising how many eCommerce businesses are embracing technology for their customers, but are failing to embrace technology for themselves. But with Shopify automation integrations now readily available, easy to install, and budget-friendly, there are numerous benefits to getting started today.

More time

Automation not only helps save your eCommerce business time, but it also allows you to dedicate your time to what you’re good at (i.e. growing your business) rather than on simple repetitive tasks.

Staffing benefits

With fewer tasks to complete, automation relieves staff of certain roles, allowing you to redeploy them to other areas or reduce your labor costs.

Fewer mistakes

Automation also increases your accuracy by removing the element of human error. This can save you from fines, customer complaints, or overspending.


And finally, automation improves your efficiencies, which makes you perform faster for your customers.

Top Shopify integrations to automate your eCommerce business

Here are a few great Shopify integrations to test out for your store.

SellerActive: Automated in-store sync

Running a bricks and mortar store alongside your Shopify store can be a stock nightmare, which may lead you to ring-fence certain items or, worse, oversell. SellerActive’s automated POS system automatically imports your in-store orders, matching the SKU against your Shopify products to correctly sync stock quantities. This allows you to confidently sell items without the fear of overselling and disappointing customers.

Price: From $79 per month

Trial: Free demo

JivoChat: Proactive invitations

(Source: Jivochat)

Live chat is an excellent addition to any Shopify store, allowing you to provide customers with real-time help to increase conversions and avoid cart abandonment. But having a staff member on hand to greet and answer customers 24/7 isn’t always possible.

JivoChat’s automated Shopify messenger comes with automatic triggers – allowing you to proactively welcome customers, offer help, and gather email addresses ready for when your staff are back online.

Price: From free

Recart: Automated Messenger campaigns

(Source: Recart)

One of the most popular and effective automated Facebook integrations is Recart. Recart offers the “largest selection of automated campaigns for Messenger”, including abandoned cart reminders, product review requests, shipping notifications, and order receipt.

Price: from $29 per month

Trial: 28-day free

Expandly: Automated inventory sync

(Source: Expandly)

Expanding your eCommerce store from Shopify to multiple marketplaces is great for growth, but tiresome to track. Expandly’s automated inventory sync automatically updates your stock levels across all of your sales channels – ensuring you have the maximum stock for sale, without the risk of overselling or the need to restrict.

Price: From $55 per month

Trial: 14-days free

Kit: Automated Facebook and Instagram advertising

(Source: Shopify)

When running a busy Shopify store, it’s easy for Facebook and Instagram advertising to fall to the bottom of the to-do list. Kit, by Shopify, is your very own marketing assistant, ready to help recommend the marketing activities most likely to drive sales and to create Facebook and Instagram ads and messages for you.

Price: From free

Marsello: Marketing automation

(Source: Marsello)

Another not-to-be-missed marketing automation app is Marsello. Combining automation and real human expertise, Marsello delivers targeted marketing messages designed to increase sales. Key features include behavior-based audience segmentation, automated emails, loyalty programs, customer feedback, and email campaigns.

Price: From free

Zentail: Automated listings

(Source: Zentail)

Listing products takes time, especially if you’re selling on other marketplaces alongside Shopify. Zentail automates some of the hard work for you, by automatically categorizing products and adding product type-specific attributes. For example, a dress listing on one marketplace may be categorized as “casual dress, dress size=6” and on your Shopify website, it may be “summer dress, size=6”. Zentail maps these categories and attributes for you – giving you greater accuracy and efficiency.

Price: Contact Zentail for more information

Sellbrite: Seamless multi-channel syncs

Sellbrite makes it easy to sell on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart & more. Shopify sellers can use Sellbrite to list their products across the largest online marketplaces, and Sellbrite automatically adjusts & syncs inventory to avoid overselling (and underselling). Marketplace orders are sent back to Shopify for fulfillment, and your Shopify store remains the hub of your operation, controlling your products & inventory.

Price: Starts at $20/month for Shopify

Skubana: Order routing and automated purchase orders

eCommerce brands need to automate order fulfillment and stock replenishment to keep up with growing consumer demand for fast shipping. Skubana’s Orderbots automatically process orders for you by routing them to designated warehouses, splitting orders based on stock availability, and assigning shipping services based on specific order data points.

Skubana also generates automated purchase orders based on sales velocity and projected forecasts, minimizing the need for manual calculations or spreadsheets by recommending how many units you should reorder.

Price: Starts at $999/month; contact Skubana for a quote

Launchpad: Automated content changes

(Source: Shopify)

Preparing your Shopify store for sales and events can be stressful – especially when you need to wake up at 2am to make the change. Launchpad, by Shopify, enables you to schedule sales, releases, and content changes, so that you can seamlessly execute events in your sleep.

Price: Free*

*Launchpad isn’t available to all Shopify Merchants. This is one of their Plus-specific apps

SmartrMail: Personalized email marketing

56% of online shoppers are more likely to return to a store that offers personalized recommendations – but achieving this manually is near-on impossible. SmartrMail’s Shopify integration uses smart technology that analyzes your customers’ browsing data and purchasing history to create automated, personalized emails that engage customers and convert.

Price: From free

Trial: 15-day free trial

Jilt: Automated eCommerce marketing emails

(Source: Jilt)

Jilt’s all-in-one email marketing platform is built for Shopify stores. You can automate abandoned cart recovery, post-purchase, welcome, win-back, replenishment, receipt, and shipping notifications emails, or send newsletters or sales announcements, all segmented and personalized based on rich customer and order data.

Price: From free

Shop Sheriff: Automated AMP

(Source: Shopify)

The future of eCommerce is mobile, with more than half of all eCommerce traffic already originating from a mobile device. When you generate AMP pages with Shop Sheriff, they’ll display a lightning bolt next to their search snippet, improved SEO, and instant-loading mobile search results.

Shop Sheriff will automatically keep your AMP pages up-to-date by syncing store updates in real-time, and will notify you of any potential AMP warnings

Price: From free

LimeSpot: Automated personalized experiences

(Source: LimeSpot)

With automation, personalization isn’t restricted to your customers’ inboxes. LimeSpot uses shopper profiles, buying behaviors, and AI to deliver automated real-time personalized recommendations to each of your Shopify store visitors. Resulting in better user experience and happier customers, LimeSpot’s Shopify integration provides average revenue increases of 28%.

Price: From free

Trial: Free 15-day

Final thoughts

If automation has you thinking of robots, large budgets, and huge tech teams, think again. With these 13 Shopify integrations, you can automate your eCommerce business and increase your time, profits, and customer satisfaction in no time.

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