The secret behind saving over 25% in Facebook ad spend with Steven Yu

One day shipping, according to Steven Yu, the marketing powerhouse behind Hey Dude Shoes,

8-figure online brand known for its lightweight and comfortable footwear.

Knowing Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and Bing Ads like the back of his hand, Yu worked with Deliverr to spike the shoe company’s volume by a whopping 40%.

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How did he do it? Yu spills some of his secrets: 

How can you wrangle Facebook’s massive data pool and test out the right audiences? (32:00) There’s so many variables in Facebook’s stack: geo-targeting, interests, customer uploads. If you’re beginner to intermediate level, where do you begin? 

Running contests and giveaways. (38:06) How do you build not just customer engagement, but get to the next level with virality? Yu shares creative, out-of-the-box methods in Hey Dude Shoes’ marketing toolbox. 

The go-to COVID strategy that helped Hey Dude Shoes get a drastic conversion lift. (8:11) Hint: one and two-day shipping. The company eventually outsource its warehouse operations to Deliverr. Yu tells the story about this key fulfillment decision that helped  Hey Dude’s Growth. 

Don’t know if fast shipping works yet? The easiest way to find out: run an A/B test. (13:55) Yu ran ads wit free two and one-day shipping messaging, and saw that it knocked conversions out of the park. Yu talks more about how he  saved over 25% in CPA with this simple experiment. 

How to retarget and get rid of ad fatigue. (23:42) Yu has a few pointers on switching creatives out, grasping  customer “emotion”, and more. 

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