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The most important eCommerce tools to leverage in 2022

It’s likely safe to say that growth is your brand’s main objective in 2022. Regardless of your industry, eCommerce businesses all have different tools in common to help them meet their goals. But the question is: which tools and products should you use? Since most eCommerce apps and other products come at a cost, it’s important that you evaluate the ROI of each for your particular brand. Below outlines different categories that warrant a tool this year and a few of the most popular options to consider.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation can be scary, but being able to create a flow for your shoppers and track what interests them is crucial to success in 2022. If you’re still sending out mass emails, it means you’re likely missing the mark when it comes to personalization. One of the pros of marketing automation is that it enables you to segment audiences and create more personalized experiences for different cohorts.

For example, someone might be clicking around your website looking at men’s shoes—you wouldn’t want to then send out a mass email that focuses on the sale you’re having on women’s purses. This will only annoy the consumer and potentially cause them to unsubscribe (or even worse, not purchase from your brand).

In addition to segmenting your audience, automation can ensure that you’re sending emails in a timely manner. As you grow, being able to automate your emails will be key in keeping customers engaged and getting the word out about new sales or promotions you’re running. 

A few marketing automation software designed for eCommerce brands include: 

• Pardot (Salesforce)

• HubSpot

• MailChimp

While software can be expensive and presents a learning curve, the benefits of using marketing automation outweigh the cost. This is the next big step for businesses looking to take their marketing to the next level. You can dive more into different automation software options here.

Shopify and BigCommerce Plugins

This is a big one. Shopify and BigCommerce have a plugin for just about anything you might want to do on your website (and 3-5 plugins to choose from within each category). You can (and should!) look into the multitude of eCommerce plugin options here, but some must-have categories to send you on the right research path include popup plugins, upselling plugins, trust badges, loyalty program plugins, and SEO plugins

Create a Monthly Marketing Report Utilizing Analytics 

Hopefully you have Google Analytics set up for your business and are beginning to play around with Goals, Traffic Sources, and other key pieces of data (again this is a big topic, so learn more here if you need a refresher). We recommend creating a monthly marketing report using this data in 2022 to help ensure that your marketing dollars aren’t going to waste and you’re fully optimizing every marketing avenue at your disposal. Too many eCommerce brands have Analytics and use it for nothing more than seeing traffic numbers. But they don’t truly know how to create a cohesive picture of their marketing efforts and make decisions based on that data. You can learn more about what to include in a monthly marketing report here


A Chatbot is technically an app, but we categorize it as a tool as it’s simply a must-have in 2022. Chatbots are becoming the norm for eCommerce brands because they not only help consumers, but they save you, the merchant, time answering basic questions. This can offer a ton of benefits to both parties, including: 

• Speed. Chatbots are automated, so there’s no searching for an answer on the sales representative’s side or the consumer’s. They can work like a search engine and offer an answer right away.

• Availability. Once again, since Chatbots are automated, they work around the clock, helping provide that instant answer customers are used to receiving.

• Consistent Information. Because Chatbots are programmed, you never have to worry about different members of your team giving out conflicting information.

• Convenience. This provides another touchpoint to your business, making you that much more approachable. 

They can also help direct those chatting to the correct sales representative at your company, which again helps save time for both parties while also allowing you to have your sales staff specialize in different aspects of your business. Below is an example of a Chatbot in use on our website—you’ll notice how immediately Deliverr asks you an automated question in order to point you in the right direction: 

You can learn more about how to utilize a Chatbot to create a more intimate customer experience here.

Fast Tags

A Fast Tag is a bit different from the others on this list, but adding this feature to your website with Deliverr has been shown to increase conversions by 38% and grow sales by 20-40%, on average.

Because 90% of consumers see 2-day shipping as a baseline, it’s crucial to keep up with the competition. Offering 2-day shipping (or next-day depending on location!) is the best way to stand out in the noisy eCommerce space. Putting a Deliverr Fast Tag badge on your website will help you meet the expectations for fast delivery that consumers have come to expect in 2022 and help grow your business. Check out the screenshot below from FiberForDogs as an example: 

Wrapping Things Up

In the end, a business can only scale with the help of different tools and products on the market. Although it may seem like a steep fee to pay at first, these tools eventually pay for themselves. The setup is the hardest part—but the more you can automate, the more time you’ll have to focus on growing your business. Let 2022 be the year you set your business up to scale!  

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