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Three Multichannel eCommerce Software Solutions Not to Miss

A multichannel eCommerce software program is a program that allows businesses to manage all of their selling platforms in one place, using specific software. These multi-channel apps can track customer service queries, inventory, product listing, customer feedback, and much more. These programs are designed to make it easier for your business to monitor, track, record, and improve your products online. They are not for everyone, but if you find yourself selling your products on more than 3 sites, it might be something to consider.

In short, you can choose to use one large software to do all your multichannel management under one program, or you can utilize numerous programs, each tailored to specific services. This makes it is important to understand what it is that your business might be looking for in a software program before you make any big purchase decisions. Luckily, most of these softwares offer a free trial. 

So what types of multichannel eCommerce software solutions will be the most beneficial to helping your business grow? Let’s dive in.

1. Multichannel Ecommerce Customer Service Programs

Perhaps one of the most beneficial programs available, especially for online businesses, is a customer service program. It’s important to ensure that you are quick to respond to customer service requests and make your clients’ experiences memorable. This is because even if they are unhappy with the product they received, with good customer service, they are more likely to become repeat customers. You don’t have to lose a patron over one bad review, but you could lose them over one bad customer service experience. 

Bad customer service can be extremely detrimental to your business. These multichannel programs are designed to keep all your customers’ questions, from all the sites your products are on, in one place – think of it as an email inbox solely for customer questions, comments, and concerns. eDesk has a great multichannel customer service program called Smart Inbox that helps businesses manage their online customer service. They break it down as to what type of service is needed; shipping, missing/broken parts, etc. They also have an option where you can set the time in which the inquiry should be taken care of, and it will keep you updated if you are ahead of schedule or if you need to make it your first priority. You can book a free trial here.

Carparts.com was able to increase its customer response time by 10% because of eDesk’s Smart Inbox feature. 

2. Multichannel eCommerce Programs for Product Listings

There are more product listing programs than any other multichannel software, so, again, it is important to understand your business and what software would be the most beneficial. Orderhive is one of the more popular product listing software available. Orderhive allows you to have and keep an updated inventory count as it monitors each site that your product might be on and updates your inventory immediately after each sale. It also updates you when you might be running low on a popular product, and goes further than just your inventory, and allows you to keep track of revenue, units sold, orders confirmed, orders you need to ship, and much more.

Orderhive has some of the best reviews out of all the multichannel programs. Users rave about how helpful Orderhive has been for their businesses, and also how you can use the program to create daily workflows which will save your team time and make your processing and shipping times faster.  

You can access the free trial here

3. Feedback Programs 

Another important thing you will want to keep track of as an eCommerce business is whether or not your customers are enjoying their shopping experience. Are they leaving good reviews? Are they leaving reviews at all? All of these things can be hard to keep track of, especially if you have more than one site to monitor – that’s where a multichannel feedback program comes to your rescue. 

Gartner is a company that provides feedback software for eCommerce businesses. With Gartner, you manage your customers’ feedback in a number of ways including a plug-in that prompts your clients to complete a short survey after they have made a purchase. The survey asks them about their shopping experience and then collects their answer to give you in-depth statistics that you can use to better understand your customers and the products they are purchasing. Looking for more ways to understand customer behavior? Be sure to check out the most essential Google Analytics reports.

You can sign up for Gartner, here

Definitely, research before you start to plug in any additional multichannel software programs. It is important to understand what programs will work best for your business. 

For example, say your business sells 5-8 products across three different sites, but you have a customer service representative whose sole job is to monitor those sites and respond to customers – you likely will not need a plugin to manage customer requests because you already pay someone to do that. However, using a multichannel inventory program might be helpful for you to help monitor your inventory count. Once you understand what your business needs to operate more smoothly, you should be able to find the right multichannel program to streamline your business and make your work life just a little bit smoother. 

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