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Top 5 reasons sellers love Ecomdash

Running a successful online business is more than just picking the right products. Everything from how accurate your product listings are to how fast your customer gets their package matters. That’s why it’s important to pick the right partners, especially those that help keep your different sales channels organized and accurate.

Today, we’ll be discussing why sellers love Ecomdash, a multi-channel eCommerce inventory management solution that helps sellers, like yourself, manage many of the aspects of multi-channel selling such as listing products on new marketplaces, keeping your inventory quantities accurate, and routing your sales orders to fulfillment centers like Deliverr.

Here are 5 reasons eCommerce sellers love using Ecomdash to manage their multi-channel business.

Why you should use Ecomdash

1) Eliminates time spent managing product quantities

Ecomdash help you manage your multi-channel inventory. You no longer need to log in to each channel you sell on each time a product quantity changes. Once connected, Ecomdash will automatically refresh your product levels when you receive a new customer order or receive a purchase order, keeping every one of your channels accurate in near real-time. Sellers love that they can manage their complex product types such as manufactured items, serialized inventory, bundled items, and multipacks, saving them time they can spend on growing their business.

2) Lets You Expand Your Business

In addition to managing your product quantities, you can also list those products on more channels. Every Ecomdash customer is allowed an unlimited number of integrations, at no added costs, allowing you to test new markets without the risk. Sellers especially love the fact that they can connect to over 10 marketplaces. In addition to expanding, its multi-channel listing tool allows you to make bulk updates and save listing profiles, saving you even more hours of data entry.

3) Consolidates Customer Orders Into One Platform

Long gone are the days of logging into each seller portal to print out a customer’s shipping details. With Ecomdash, all your customer orders can be viewed in one list. Print shipping labels from a number of popular shipping carriers or route new sales orders to a third-party fulfillment center like Deliverr. Sellers love that they can create rules to have products automatically routed to different fulfillment solutions, even if the different products are on the same sales order. With an order management system like that and a partner like us, your customers will be pleasantly surprised at how fast their package arrives.

4) Makes Multi-Channel Selling Affordable

Sellers love the easy-to-understand pricing structure. Ecomdash charges based on your sales order volume, that’s it. You don’t have to share your revenue and there aren’t any hidden setup fees. Seriously, Ecomdash doesn’t limit features for any of their customers, not even at their base price. On top of the simplicity, it’s really affordable. Prices start at $60 and includes 100 sales orders a month.

5) Wants Your Business To Succeed

What sellers love most about Ecomdash is how much its team wants their business to succeed. Each customer and trial user can connect with its team members via phone, email, and chat. Their product specialists are there to help you grow your business, every step of the way. Don’t take our word for it, just listen to what one of their customers have to say:

“They are the best value for the price and their customer service is excellent. I highly recommend Ecomdash to my peers.”

– Josh Simone, CEO of Art Cove

Bonus: It gives you access to fast shipping across different marketplaces

Ecomdash  also helps sellers achieve 2-day shipping across marketplaces like eBay, Shopify, and Walmart. We’ve already seen some amazing results from 2-day shipping plans on Walmart.

Learn how fast shipping impacted these sellers:

Using their integration with Deliverr, you can manage your listings with Ecomdash and send new orders to Deliverr for fulfillment to get pre-approved access to Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping.

On June 21, Ecomdash, Walmart, and Deliverr will be presenting a webinar on Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping and how Ecomdash users can get onboard. Register here

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