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Top 5 reasons sellers love Skubana

Deliverr is pleased to announce that we now have a Skubana integration that will allow all Skubana users to access fast shipping tags across marketplaces. Delight your customers with fast fulfillment, and protect your bottom line with our transparent pricing and hassle-free experience.

In light of this partnership, we pulled together a few reasons eCommerce sellers choose Skubana and don’t look back.

Top reasons sellers love Skubana

1) Speed to market

Skubana’s implementation timeline is among the best in the industry, with most customers onboarded within 4-6 weeks. Most brands are live in even shorter windows, which is due to customer participation and early alignment on the customer data that Skubana needs for their system.

2) Unified platform

Skubana’s comprehensive functionality for multi-channel inventory management, order management, shipping, purchasing and profitability reporting deliver unprecedented automation and insight into your multi-channel operations (including B2C, Wholesale, and Marketplace).

3) Powerful automation

Skubana is the only operational ERP with built-in, enterprise grade cloud shipping, advanced order orchestration rules, inventory management and control features, and the only platform that auto-generates PO’s based on sales velocity, lead times, and seasonality in real time.

4) Connectivity

Skubana offers native integrations to Shopify, BigCommerce, Jet, Walmart and Amazon (among others). They have an open API and app store, which allows for unlimited plug-and-play customization of the platform. No matter the integration, workflow, or use case, Skubana has been architected to anticipate customization and extensibility, particularly as your company scales.

5) Scalability

Designed and purpose-built for high-volume brands from the very beginning, Skubana is built on enterprise-grade microservices and cloud infrastructure. Skubana scales with traffic and allows order volumes that no other backend platform can match. This means rapid onboard times, lightning-fast performance, and ability to deploy new features and enhancements on hourly basis with zero interruption to users.

Want to learn more? Deliverr and Skubana will be partnering for a webinar on Key Fulfillment Strategies to Elevate Multi-Channel Sales on June 13 at 11 a.m. PST. Register Here

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