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The top 5 reasons sellers love Zentail

Managing an eCommerce business is complicated, especially if you diversify and sell on multiple channels. Although this is a great idea to grow your business and protect your brand, it can also introduce more complex business processes. You’ll have to stay on top of your listings, inventory, and pricing across channels.

Why is this so important? If you run out of stock, you lose out on sales and even your best-selling listings will begin lose their traction. If you have different prices on various marketplaces, you risk being de-listed by marketplaces that notice your pricing is more expensive on their platform.

Luckily, there are multiple tools out there to help sellers keep a clear, organized view of their listings across marketplaces. Today, we’re diving into Zentail and the top reasons sellers love using their software to manage operations.

Why you should use Zentail

1) Easy Multi-channel Product Listing

Zentail has a proprietary categorization tool that allows sellers to assign categories and attributes across various marketplaces. Sellers can assign a SMART type (Standard Marketplace Attribution Relation Technology) to a listing, and it’ll automatically assign the category for Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Google and Jet. It simplifies category assignment, attribute mapping, image sync, and more. This reduces the time it takes to list your product catalog across every channel by approximately 70%, thanks to increased accuracy and efficiency.

2) Streamlined Inventory and Order Management

Zentail makes it easy to kit, bundle, and add variations to your items. They also support order routing to multiple warehouses, auto-updating quantities, and inventory thresholds to avoid oversellnig. Zentail can automatically adjust your inventory when sales happen on your channels, then facilitate order tracking. You can also use Zentail to cancel orders, issue refunds, and add routing information.

Tip: Deliverr integrates directly with Zentail to make fast fulfillment easy. We handle service level agreements, getting orders to doorsteps on time, and uploading accurate tracking information. Zentail sellers also get pre-approved access to Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping through Deliverr.

3) Pricing Management

Zentail has a Walmart Algorithmic Repricer that is designed to help you stay competitive and win the buy box. You can set price overrides for specific channels and promotional sales, and set minimum and maximum prices for your products then let Zentail’s repricer do the rest.

Want to make your pricing even more competitive? Make sure you’re using the most efficient fulfillment option, with transparent pricing that allows you to predict your margins from day 1.

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4) Intuitive UI

Zentail also boasts an easy-to-navigate platform, with straightforward filters and reports, quick edit and import/export features, and an overall seamless experience. Their analytics utilizes graphs and customizable filters, tracks profitability per channel/SKU/brand/vendor and more. These insights will help you manage your business easily, understand your sales trends, and guide your business towards growth.

5) 5-Star Support Team

Finally, Zentail prides itself on support with a “your success is our success” mentality. Their US-based sales team responds quickly and is fully dedicated to keeping your business running smoothly. They’re also maintaining a 5-star review ranking for the 3rd year in a row on WebRetailer.

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