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Our top Shopify app picks of July: New sales and communication channels

We’ve had the pleasure of watching our merchants’ D2C sales rise for the past few months, and Shopify was a huge driver of that growth. To celebrate, we’re sharing a few of the most popular Shopify apps in a monthly roundup!

1) Google channel

Top Shopify apps: Google

The first two apps of this roundup are the Google and Facebook channels, coming on the heels of Shopify’s announcement that they will open their checkout system to retailers on Google and Facebook.

Google and Shopify are both investing heavily in improving their eCommerce experience. In fact, Google’s new eCommerce chief recently announced new eCommerce features and an expanded partnership with Shopify to grab a bigger piece of the eCommerce pie.

The Google channel app already allows merchants to run Smart Shopping campaigns and list products for free on Google. It’s safe to say all merchants should utilize this app and keep their eyes on this space for bigger things to come.

2) Facebook channel

Top Shopify apps: Facebook

In addition to Google, Shopify has also expanded one-click checkouts and Shop Pay to Facebook and Instagram, making social selling even more seamless for Shopify merchants.

The app allows merchants to sell on Facebook Shops and Instagram Shopping by creating customized storefronts and linking products directly to their Shopify listings. Merchants can create a single shop for both Facebook and Instagram to direct to Shopify, and followers can view stores directly on the Instagram app.

In addition to the selling features, this app also opens up free and paid ads for Shopify merchants. Merchants can create Facebook audiences for ads, promote discount codes, set up dynamic retargeting ads for shoppers who have visited their store, and use interest-based targeting or lookalike audiences to refine their ads.

3) Justuno – Pop Ups Bundle Upsell

Top Shopify apps: Justuno

Justuno is a conversion platform we’ve written about before, thanks to their smart marketing features. The Shopify app enables merchants to set up bundles, upsells, and pop-ups in their stores, while A/B testing what works.

Merchants on the Justuno Plus plans can customize recommendations or product inclusions based on individual shoppers, either in pop-up form or in-page so you can put your offers above the fold for more visibility.

Justuno can capture emails to send to Klaviyo for email marketing, and phone numbers to send to Postscript for SMS marketing. These powerful integrations help merchants market across multiple channels and set the stage for two more of the apps on this list.

They also support custom storefronts, also known as headless, to create quick-loading websites.

4) Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS

Top Shopify apps: Klaviyo

Klaviyo specializes in email marketing for eCommerce merchants, which means many of their features are specifically built for online shopping conversions. They provide dynamic forms you can add directly to your website, A/B testing to optimize form copy based on what works and smart segmentation that allows you to send relevant messages to shoppers based on how they’ve interacted with your brand in the past.

Their reports are centered around what every eCommerce merchant cares about: revenue, and they have customer analysis tools that allow merchants to personalize marketing according to unique customer profiles.

5) Postscript SMS Marketing

Top Shopify apps: Postscript

Postscript enables Shopify merchants to text their customers by collecting information at checkout, on landing pages, using pop-ups, via QR codes, or with an integration partner. They also have a focus on TCPA compliance, which is built into their onboarding flow, so anyone who replies to an SMS with “STOP” is automatically removed, also removing your liability.

This app allows merchants to send automated messages based on customer actions and segment customers based on data from your Shopify store. That means timely abandoned cart texts to remind shoppers about the items they left behind, and keeping buyers informed about any new or interesting items related to their shopping history.

Finally, their metrics record more than just the open and click metrics — they tie into the revenue those messages bring in.

6) WhatsApp Chat + Abandoned Cart

Top Shopify apps: Whatsapp

Email and SMS are great, but shoppers today are always moving towards new preferred forms of communication. Whatsapp is one such messenger that many consumers are turning to in order to interact with friends and family across the world, as well as their favorite brands.

The Whastapp plugin from Pushdaddy allows you to respond to customers via WhatsApp and send abandoned cart reminders. Merchants can display a pop-up or option to contact them on Whatsapp to capture information and respond to messages using WhatsApp in lieu of a live chat app on the website.

Moving the conversation from your website, where the shopper may leave or forget about, to their mobile device, which the shopper likely checks multiple times an hour, helps your brand stay in touch more efficiently.

7) Recharge Subscriptions

Top Shopify apps: Recharge

We covered why subscriptions are the holy grail in eCommerce in our previous article on subscription apps. The Recharge app stood out for its ability to turn one-off purchases into subscriptions with a simple click of a button.

The Recharge app allows merchants to set up their subscription plans and then integrate them with Shopify to encourage buyers to subscribe.

Some of their useful features include allowing customers to manage their own subscriptions through a customer portal, growing upsells by adding one-time payments, allowing customers to swap out products in their subscription plan, automating notifications and alerts, and allowing customers to skip or reschedule deliveries.

Wrapping up – Shopify app roundup

As eCommerce continues gaining momentum, it’s time to explore new apps and ways to improve your buying experience. The apps above should help you do this by integrating with popular shopping channels, improving your advertising, creating new communication channels for marketing and customer support, and improving your customer lifetime value with recurring payments.

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