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How etailz tripled Walmart sales and made 74 SKUs go as far as 11,000

etailz is a multi-channel seller that works with multiple brands as well as their own. They sell on Amazon, Walmart, and eBay, and can work with brands in a retail partnership or a channel management partnership. With a data-driven strategy, they thrive in promoting brand growth and brand protection in a constantly changing online landscape.

According to Marketplace Pulse, etailz is the 8th top Amazon Marketplace seller in the USA.

In addition to being a top third-party seller on Amazon US, etailz is also a leading seller on international Amazon platforms along with other US marketplaces including Walmart, eBay, Jet, and Wish.

Before Deliverr, they used a combination of 3PLs and Amazon’s Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) to fulfill their orders. etailz decided to leave one of the world’s largest multinational fulfillment providers to join Deliverr and gain access to fast tags like Walmart 2-Day Shipping. They plan to continue supercharging their fulfillment with a combination of Deliverr and FBA.

We spoke with Jack Dunbar, marketplace expansion manager at etailz to learn more about how their sales have done since working with Deliverr.

A dynamic partnership

“It is refreshing to work with such an honest, helpful group of people, and it is exciting to use their dynamic and effective tools.” – Jack Dunbar

etailz uses Deliverr as their fulfillment provider for Walmart, eBay, Overstock, Google Shopping, Jet, Pricefalls, and With so many channels, etailz had to be strategic about fulfillment partnerships that would give them back time, so they could focus on growth instead of logistics.

“Deliverr is extremely flexible and nimble. Deliverr has been an excellent partner, and I use the word partner intentionally because from the very beginning it has been clear that Deliverr cares about our feedback, our success, and our needs as a seller.” – Jack Dunbar

Today, the etailz team can focus on their business and lean on Deliverr to handle their 2-day fulfillment, hassle-free.

3x Walmart sales

“We tripled our Walmart sales in 2018 working with Deliverr…Clearly there is something to 2-Day.” – Jack Dunbar

Prior to the 2-day tags, they were “lucky to consistently sell the same SKU for more than 1 unit a day” on dropship. After enabling 2-day with Deliverr, their best seller was selling 7 units a day, with 11 other SKUs selling 2 or more units per day in December.

74 2-day SKUs matching revenue for 11,000 dropship SKUs

After enabling 2-day shipping on 74 SKUs in Walmart, etailz generated the same revenue from those 74 SKUs to match 11,000 dropship SKUs.

Getting the same ROI from 74 SKUs as 11,000 means more profit from fewer moving pieces, keeping etailz a clean growth machine and streamlined eCommerce business.

And with fast shipping, customer satisfaction goes up along with conversions.

The Deliverr experience

“My favorite part of working with Deliverr is the culture of the team. Their can-do attitude and their tenacity can move mountains. It is always exciting to hear what they are up to, and it is encouraging to have a fulfillment provider that is able to bend the ear of the biggest names in the marketplace sales industry.” – Jack Dunbar

Fast shipping was able to help etailz generate the same amount of revenue from fewer SKUs, boosting their ROI per SKU and allowing them to fine-tune their catalog. Follow their example and enable 2-day shipping to make each of your listings go further.

Etailz uses our ChannelAdvisor integration.

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