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Walmart introduces Best Seller Ranking (BSR) in Seller Center

Walmart has released a new feature in the Walmart Seller Center for best selling items. Merchants can now research which items sell the best on Walmart Marketplace!

How to access Walmart Best Sellers

Go to your Walmart Seller Center, and select Growth Opportunities in the menu bar. Click on “View” in Walmart Best Sellers.

Then, select the parent category (Super Department) and sub category (Department) you want to view.

You’ll be able to reference rank, item ID, reviews, # of sellers, and whether or not it’s in the sellers catalog.

Here’s a demonstrative video of how the process above looks in action:


What does this mean for merchants?

Walmart’s new best seller ranking feature is great news for Walmart 3P sellers and interested merchants alike. It provides a great way to analyze which items do well, and which categories to go after.

Here are some quick tips to conducting your research;

  • Look for categories where the sellers are mostly 3rd party sellers, not 1P or Walmart
  • Focus on items with small numbers of sellers, despite having a fast-moving product
  • Remember the 14:1 rule of selling on Walmart; find the low-competition, high-potential items

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