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Walmart fast shipping: Why it’s important and how to achieve it

Buyers have come to expect fast shipping, with programs like Amazon Prime, Wish Express, and eBay Guaranteed Delivery. Today we’ll be going over Walmart fast shipping and their Free 2-Day Shipping program.

Some marketplaces define fast shipping as next-day, while others give up to 4 days to fulfill in order to be part of their fast shipping programs. To avoid any confusion, we’ll define fast shipping according to the expectations of consumers.

An A.T. Kearney study found that most people defined an acceptable eCommerce shipping time for non-urgent orders to be 2 (19%) to 3 (24%) days.

Why is that so important to your business? Econsultancy found that 50% of online purchases have been abandoned due to unfavorable shipping and fulfillment options, and 87% identify shipping speed as a key factor when deciding whether to shop with an eCommerce brand again. Your shoppers want a fixed-date delivery, and they want it to be within the next 3 days.

Walmart’s fast shipping program: Walmart Free 2-day Shipping

Walmart has a fast shipping program called Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping, which ensures free and fast delivery for shoppers.

For listings enrolled in this program, shoppers will see a green 2-day shipping tag in three places:

  • Search results: When users search for products
  • Item description: When users check product pages
  • Above the “add to cart” button: When users make a buying decision

Walmart fast shipping tags in action

To learn more about the program, we’ve done a deeper dive at What is Walmart 2-day shipping and how do I enable it?


Enable Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping with Deliverr


How fast shipping affects conversions and the buy box

eCommerce is getting increasingly competitive. Generic items can be manufactured, and some brands allow multiple resellers across different marketplaces. With so much of eCommerce becoming “the same” (a good example of this is eBay’s need to Group Similar Listings), it’s important to compete where you can differentiate yourself.

Fast, reliable shipping boosts your customers’ experience, helping to get good reviews. Not only that, we’ve seen Walmart prioritize listings with fast shipping tags, even if shoppers don’t filter for it.

We’ve seen Walmart sellers with Deliverr boost sales up to 100% after enabling 2-day shipping. Since Deliverr is one of the few companies that integrates directly with Walmart’s fast shipping program, we get insights into the sales before and after fast shipping.

In addition to impressive boosts in conversions, we’ve also seen sellers win the Walmart buy box after enabling fast shipping tags.


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How to get Walmart fast shipping tags

As of October 2018, there are two ways to get Walmart’s fast shipping tags: Seller-fulfilled and Deliverr’s integration.

Seller-fulfilled: You must be able to fulfill orders across the USA within 2 days. You must also maintain 95% or above on-time shipping, delivery, and valid tracking rates. You need at least 100 fulfilled orders within any 30 days, and a less than 2% cancel rate.

Deliverr: If you’re a seller fulfilling with Deliverr, reach out to your account manager and we’ll get you whitelisted for the program. Then, we’ll go through a 2-minute setup, and Deliverr will ensure your listings meet their shipping requirements.

Walmart fast shipping is one of the best ways to stand out on this valuable marketplace, win the buy box, rank highly in search results, and get customers to hit that purchase button.

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