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What are Walmart Performance Ads (now Sponsored Products) and how to get them

Note: Walmart Performance Ads are now called Walmart Sponsored Products. Learn more here.

Walmart Performance Ads are CPC ads displayed across the platform, which highlight your listings and drive traffic to your products. They appear in multiple places, run well on desktop, mobile, and app with a Sponsored tag, or under a banner of Sponsored Products.

What are Walmart Performance Ads and how to get them

They’re called Performance Ads because sellers won’t have to pay unless the ads perform, and generate clicks and conversions. Sellers can track all of those metrics in a simple dashboard, which we’ll go over in more depth later in this article.

Here’s the basics of Walmart Performance Ads and everything sellers need to know about them.

Why to use Walmart Performance Ads

Increase visibility boasts more than 100 million shoppers per month who visit the search, product detail, and browse pages. These are the locations that Walmart Performances Ads can appear.

  • Search/Browse
  • Product Detail
  • Category Pages

Boost sales affordably

Drive shoppers directly to product pages to shorten their path to purchase. Since you only pay when shoppers click through to your ad, you filter your volume for high purchase intent. That means whoever gets to your listings from those ads are more qualified leads, and more affordable to boot.

High RoAS with low competition

We also spoke with Luiz Eduardo Fracao, Chief Operating Officer of Quartile to learn about the results that sellers have seen from Walmart ads.

With a combination of competitive price and good reviews, sellers have seen RoAS (return on advertising spend) increase 3x-4x.

“In some very successful cases, sellers see a sustainable RoAS of 15x!” – Luiz Fracao

While Google or Facebook ads typically see average conversion rates of 1.2% to 2.6%, it’s not uncommon to find conversion rates of clicks to sales of around 10% with Walmart Ads. That is 10x higher conversion with less competition!

Quick setup

There’s no keyword or page setup necessary to get started with Performance Ads. Walmart will take care of finding the best location and keywords to use with your different listings.

Note: Only items that are available to purchase online and ship to home are eligible for Performance Ads.

How to set up Performance Ads

All sellers who use Deliverr to fulfill Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping can get access to Walmart Performance Ads. Just contact us at Deliverr to get started, and then set up your listings in 5 easy steps.

  1. Create a new campaign.
  2. Enter name, budget, and timing.
  3. Your items will appear as you search for them, or you can opt to bulk upload them. Select all of them to enroll into Performance Ads, or an assortment.
  4. Default CPCs will be set automatically based on the historical average CPC for the category. You can also set your own.
  5. Schedule your campaign.

You’ll get access to unlimited campaigns, with a max of 300 SKUs per campaign.

The Performance Ads platform is completely self-serve, so you are in control! Sellers can optimize performance, manually determine product listing positions, and even set your own CPC (with dynamic recommendations).

Sample of Walmart Performance Ad daily report

Note: Ads will appear based on Walmart’s relevancy algorithm.

Walmart Performance Ads best practices

Optimize your listings regularly. You should be consistently improving your product information with Buy Box variables in mind.

Enroll multiple listings. Performance Ads work best when multiple SKUs are sponsored, plus you get to see trends across multiple items. Multiple products gives the Walmart algorithm more options to optimize your placements.

Advertise your regular products. Evergreen Performance Ads means you won’t go out of stock of anything you’re advertising, but still complements your promotional or seasonal listings. It’s also important to use ads that will run for long periods of time, so that Walmart’s relevancy algorithm can factor in sponsored SKUs and clicks over time.

Test and measure your ads. You can easily track your ad impressions, clicks, CPC, and ad performance by item, category, page type, brand, and more. ROI is calculated on either a 3, 14, 30, or 90 day window.

Measure your Walmart Performance Ads ROI

Getting your listings on Walmart Performance Ads is a great way to boost your conversions, drive qualified traffic to your listings, and affordably increase sales. You’ll maintain full control of your campaigns, and can access easy-to-understand metrics that show how well your ads are performing.

Introducing Deliverr partner, Quartile

Quartile is an Advertising agency that was born focused on Marketplaces. They have developed a sophisticated software solution to assist Amazon Sellers with managing their campaigns and other issues in the Amazon advertising platform.

“When invited by Deliverr to learn more and assist Deliverr clients in managing the campaigns we were not only honored by the invitation but excited to be part of this new effort. We know that as the platform evolves we will improve our capabilities and grow together with Deliverr and its clients to become a full service provider for Walmart too.” – Luiz Fracao

Speak with your Deliverr account manager for details of how Quartile can help optimize Walmart listings with sponsored ads.

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