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Walmart webinar recap: Introducing Walmart ThreeDay

Today we had the pleasure of doing a webinar and Q&A with the Walmart team on Fulfillment success during COVID-19 and beyond.

Before we get into the big news of Walmart ThreeDay, here are a few updates on Walmart.

Temporarily Relaxed ODR Policies

Walmart has relaxed ODR score calculations to take into consideration any COVID-19-related challenges you may have with listing, canceling, and shipping inventory. They have also paused suspensions for exceeding maximum ODR thresholds.

They recommend adding one day of lag time to standard and value shipping methods if you feel you need the extra time during this season.

Return Dispute Window Temporarily Extended 

Walmart has extended the dispute window from 45 days to 90 days. The revised window is applicable to Marketplace orders placed on or after March 1, 2020.

Meet fast delivery promises with Walmart ThreeDay

A large percentage of all Marketplace orders with Value or Standard shipping methods already get delivered in 3-4 days. Expedited delivery drives organic lift in conversion and, consequently, more sales.

Walmart ThreeDay is not a program, but an update to’s expedited shipping method. It doesn’t have program elements like a fast shipping badge (such as in Walmart TwoDay), enrollment, or qualifications. Essentially, any seller can offer free expedited shipping and get additional benefits from the faster delivery promise.

Tip: All Deliverr merchants are eligible for Walmart TwoDay.

When you offer free 3-day shipping nationwide, your products automatically get ThreeDay benefits

Conversion Boost: Drive an increased conversion and, consequently, more sales with fast delivery promise.

Increased Flexibility: Enable 3-day shipping for any portion of your catalog, no qualification or enrollment required.

Buy Box Prominence: Win the Buy Box more often and sell more, when you offer expedited shipping.

How is ThreeDay different from TwoDay?

3 Day Expedited Shipping- Seller Center Setup

Step 1: Seller Center >Shipping Settings>Three Day

Step 2: Configuration settings within Seller Center by Region

Diversify your fulfillment network with Deliverr

When you fulfill with Deliverr, you get TwoDay access (personally, we think that’s even better). Use Deliverr to ensure products get shipped from multiple geographic regions to sustain reliable operations.

Trusted Walmart Partner

  • Deliverr works with thousands of Walmart Marketplace sellers 
  • Tens of thousands of SKUs on Walmart Marketplace are enabled in the Deliverr network with 2-day delivery tags
  • Ship thousands of Walmart orders every day
  • Guaranteed seller protection for Walmart merchants
  • Have handled some of the fastest moving items on (ie. Envirolog flash sale)

Deliverr’s COVID-19 Updates

  • Continuing to accept Walmart sellers
  • Precautions being taken across all warehouses in the network to ensure performance and stability
  • Have constrained 2-day coverage to accommodate carrier performance, but remain at 95% on-time delivery
  • Slight delays to inventory being received
  • Delays to on-time shipments with standard orders early in the week, but on-time delivery unaffected

You can also get special Walmart 2-day pricing with Deliverr. Learn more here.

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