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3 Ways to reach Walmart shoppers through user-generated content

This is a guest post from Bazaarvoice Retail Division VP Sara Gupta. Sara is an established technology executive with a deep knowledge and expertise in brand and retail innovation.  Over the last 6 years, Sara has led the Bazaarvoice retail division where she and her team partner with the world’s largest and most innovative retailers across North America, Europe, and Latin America to leverage the voice of the consumer to improve their shopping experience.

While the retail landscape has transformed significantly over the years, one core truth remains constant. Consumers want to hear authentic opinions to validate their purchasing decisions; word-of-mouth is still as influential as it ever was.

As eCommerce has evolved, so have the ways consumers can connect with each other and with brands and retailers. Today’s technologies allow brands and retailers to facilitate conversations at a massive scale through user-generated content (UGC) like customer ratings, reviews, Q&A, photos, and videos across their websites, social media, and broader marketing strategy.

3 Ways to reach shoppers on Walmart Marketplace

At Bazaarvoice, we connect brands and retailers to their consumers through user-generated content (UGC). Each month in the Bazaarvoice Network, more than one billion consumers engage with authentic content across 6,000 brand and retail websites. We help brands collect user-generated content, display that content on their own websites, and distribute that content to retailer websites.

By displaying influential UGC across retail channels, that content appears in more places, is seen by more shoppers, and influences more sales. We recently found that when brands distribute reviews to retailers, they see a median increase of 37% in product pages with reviews on retail sites and a median of 83% more reviews per product than those who do not distribute their reviews to retailers.

Walmart is one such retailer that is often a priority for our brand clients. Bazaarvoice is a provider to Walmart and works closely with them on their user-generated content program to ensure the best shopping experience for their customers. If your brand sells its products on Walmart, here are three ways we can help your brand reach shoppers at

Collect reviews and distribute them to Walmart

When shoppers engage with UGC on our best-in-class client sites, there is 137% increase in conversion and a 157% increase in revenue-per-visitor. Whether you want to display reviews on your own website and at Walmart or just send only to Walmart, we can help.

From post-interaction emails to social media campaigns, there are a variety of tactics for review collection. We work with you to help define your goals, identify strategic opportunities, and continually monitor business impact.

When it comes to user-generated content, we take authenticity and consumer trust seriously. Consumers have a right to trust the UGC they encounter, and, moreover, businesses have a responsibility to ensure this content is legitimate. Fake reviews can over inflate and damage brands and trick consumers.

Once content is collected, we make considerable effort to ensure that ratings and reviews are free from fraudulent content, free from edits, transparent about collection methods, and moderated by our natural language processing and human-powered moderation engine. We then match these reviews to your products on and ensure that the content is displayed across the proper product pages.

Join the Walmart Spark Reviewer Program

One key tactic for collecting user-generated content is sampling. There are a number of advantages to running product sampling campaigns: identifying and rewarding your most loyal customers, getting helpful feedback on products, building excitement around new products, and, of course, collecting customer ratings, reviews, and visual content from those who sample products.

The Spark Reviewer program, which we manage on behalf of Walmart, enables brands to sample their products to a set of brand advocates in exchange for honest reviews. Once your brand is a part of the program, here’s how it works:

  1. Select your products: Select the products you want to sample for new reviews. We can help counsel which products to select or how many reviews you need to make an impact in your category.
  2. Match with your audience: Next, we will match your product to the right sampling audience, making sure the reviews you receive are relevant and from your target shopper.
  3. Ship your products: When your product is selected, we will let you know where to ship it. Need help finding a shipping and fulfillment provider? We can help with that too.
  4. Collect your reviews: After the community members receive and use your products, they’ll write honest reviews. Once the reviews are moderated, you’ll see them live on your product pages at Walmart.

Engage directly with shoppers on

To take your user-generated content strategy a step further, it is essential to respond to your customers’ feedback and questions. It shows your existing customers that you care and instills confidence in browsing shoppers who are considering your products.

When shoppers are reading reviews and asking questions, they’re typically well into the decision stage; they’re ready to buy something and just waiting for validation.

In 2018, our best-in-class clients saw a 114% lift in conversion and a 120% lift in revenue per visitor when shoppers engaged with Q&A on product pages. With our Connections solution, you can respond to reviews and answer customers’ questions on

About Bazaarvoice

From collecting reviews to responding to customer questions and everything in between, we help brands tap into the power of user-generated content and put their best foot forward on Visit our website to learn more about reaching shoppers at Walmart — first time customers can mention code WALMART15 when speaking with our sales team to receive 15% off your first order through the Spark Reviewer Program.

Not selling on the Walmart Marketplace yet? Apply today to start reaching the millions who shop there.

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