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How to turn on Wish 2-day: Exclusive for Deliverr merchants

Did you know there’s a marketplace that’s consistently the top downloaded app, moves millions of products every day, and has a fast tag that’s only available through Deliverr? That marketplace is Wish, and the fast tag that’s supercharging Wish seller conversions is called Wish 2-day.

Wish has the potential to become your next million dollar channel. Since they’re a mobile-first marketplace, they are designed to get conversions from mobile shoppers – who are becoming more and more common. By next year (2021), 54% of total eCommerce sales will be from mobile phones instead of desktops.

However, as convenient as mobile eCommerce is, it’s even more important for you to capture your share of the screen. Since a mobile screen is smaller than desktop, that means fewer product listings will show, and the merchants who can stand out with 2-day delivery will benefit from a flywheel effect.

Get 2-day delivery tags on your next million dollar channel

Learn how and why to turn on Wish 2-day

Ready to go? Sign up for a free Deliverr account and connect Wish, then check out the video below to learn more.

Tip: Are you a Deliverr merchant who just wants the walkthrough on turning this tag on? Start watching at 5:53.

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