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6 Great categories eCommerce sellers should check out on Wish is a growing online marketplace that’s attracting significant seller attention, thanks to its #2 ranking app, younger audience, and 10 million daily users.

If you’re looking to join the Wish sellers’ club and create a store on Wish filled with high-performing products, these 6 great categories to checkout on Wish are the perfect inspiration.

Sourcing products for Wish

If you caught our recent blog on how to source products for Wish, you’ll know that a successful product for the online marketplace is one that:

  • Addresses a niche
  • Comes in variations
  • Is affordable
  • Is cheap and easy to ship

One of the first steps in sourcing products that meet these purchase motivators is using Wish for inspiration and information. So what are the top trending categories and products of the moment?

6 Great categories to checkout on Wish

1. Hobbies

The Wish marketplace is made for those shopping for their hobbies. The tailored and curated feed allows customers to easily find items relevant to their pastimes or that might be of interest to them.

Wish also actively incentivizing hobby shoppers, with relevant deals and discounts on the website and shopping app.

Current trending products in the Hobbies category include:

  • Home fitness equipment, such as resistance bands, ab trainers, and handheld weights.
  • Craft supplies, such as coloring pencils, fabric, and yarn.
  • Garden sports equipment, such as dartboards, golf nets, and children’s games.

2. Makeup & beauty

The growing micro-influencer scene is growing online sales significantly, especially in the Makeup & Beauty category. Thousands of would-be influencers are using social media to share healthcare regimes, give makeup demonstrations, and conduct product reviews; increasing their own purchasing behavior and that of their audience.

Additionally, COVID-19 restrictions on the opening of salons mean many people are buying tools and equipment to carry out beauty treatments at home.

Current popular purchases in the Health & Beauty category include:

  • Tools for home beauty treatments, such as eyebrow stencils, fake eyelashes, and tinting pads and dyes.
  • Professional nail products, such as gel polish, nail dip powder, and nail varnish remover.
  • COVID-19 health products, such as face masks, gloves, and anti-bacterial gel.

3. Gadgets

Gadgets is always a popular online shopping category, with advancing technology continually changing product selections.

The coronavirus pandemic has significantly increased the consumer need for tech gadgets, with more people working, socializing, and communicating online.

Accordingly, the following products are performing well in the Gadget category on Wish:

  • Audio equipment, such as earbuds, over-ear headphones, and home speakers.
  • Computing accessories, such as HDMI connectors, USB drives, and tablet covers.
  • Fun gadgets, such as drones, smartwatches, and karaoke microphones.

4. Home Decor

Many people are using lockdown periods and isolation to carry out home and garden improvements. However, with huge economic uncertainty at the moment, consumers are looking for an affordable way to refresh their living environment – making Wish the perfect platform.

The Home Decor category on Wish is hugely popular right now, especially with the following products:

  • Quick fixes, such as vinyl stickers, wall prints, and carpet rugs.
  • Storage solutions, such as vacuum sealer bags, fridge containers, and food boxes.
  • Garden products such as solar lights, artificial plants, and water features.

5. Baby & Kids

One thing that’s certain in life is births, which makes the Baby & Kids category on Wish forever popular.

Plus, with many parents looks for innovative ways to keep their kids amused and quiet during lockdowns and isolation, there’s been a wave of new shoppers to the category.

Trending Baby & Kids products include:

  • Boredom beaters, such as play tents, craft materials, and outside pools.
  • Home party products, such as balloons, fancy dress outfits, and outdoor games.
  • New baby gifts, such as handprint kits, soft toys, and clothing.

6. Wish Express

Finally, don’t forget the most important category of them all: Wish Express.

The Wish Express category is a category on Wish reserved for products that qualify for the Wish Express fast shipping program. Products listed in the category are all items that can be delivered to customers within 5-working days, along with valid tracking information.

Even better, products appearing in the Wish Express category, appear in their regular category too – giving listings double the exposure with no more effort.

Tip: Learn more about how to qualify for Wish Express.

Currently, popular Wish Express products include:

  • Healthcare products, such as face masks, thermometers, and skincare.
  • Birthday presents, such as jewelry, gadgets, and clothing.
  • Essential items, such as toilet roll, cleaning products, and protective equipment.

Extra tips for boosting success on Wish

While picking a product from a great category on Wish is a great place to start, the success of your store on Wish also relies upon the following:

Well optimized listings

Creating a well-optimized listing using a clear title, informative description, high-quality images, relevant keywords, and positive customer reviews.

Competitive pricing

Pricing your products for Wish by keeping your prices competitive against other Wish sellers and offering customers free shipping and superior customer service.

Fast shipping

Delivering items to customers quickly, on-time, and professionally, using either in-house methods or an outsourced Wish fulfillment partner to qualify for Wish Express.

Becoming a Trusted Store

Qualifying for Verified by Wish, increased impressions, higher search result placement, and direct ticket handling by meeting the requirements to become a Wish Trusted Store.

Multi-channel selling

Using Wish alongside your own Shopify store and other online marketplaces to increase customer exposure and brand recognition, while spreading your risk during and after the pandemic.

Final thoughts on popular Wish categories

Wish has a huge variety of different product categories, all of which are popular among different customers and audiences at different times of the year.

This guide should give you a flavor of the categories performing best during the current consumer market. The best way to ensure continued success is to stay on top of the trends by regularly researching current eCommerce niches, adapting to purchasing behavior, and following the best product sourcing techniques per sales channel.

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