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Everything You Need to Know About Wish’s New Shoppable Video Feature

When consumers are shopping online, photographs and detailed product explanations are expected. Having these won’t necessarily make you stand out from other retailers, but what might help you impress shoppers and increase conversions is showcasing your products via video.

To help you increase sales, Wish has created a new shoppable video feature. Wish is one of the largest mobile eCommerce platforms, and its new video feature enhances the customer experience and simplifies the path to purchase. Keep reading to learn all about the marketplace’s new Wish Clips feature (including the video below!).

Why is video important for eCommerce retailers?

Before we dive into the new Wish Clips feature, let’s look at why it’s so important and beneficial for eCommerce retailers to utilize video. Here are some of the facts:

  • 50% of shoppers say video has helped them decide which brand to shop from.
  • 66% of people say they would rather watch a short video than read a product description.
  • 52% of marketers say video has the biggest Return on Investment (ROI) out of all marketing tools.

And most importantly for your bottom line: 84% of people say they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.

Why are videos so helpful when it comes to selling on eCommerce platforms? It all comes down to the fact that it builds trust with your audience. Online shoppers are highly concerned with product quality since they can’t touch or inspect items up-close. Video is a way to truthfully showcase the quality of the products you offer.

In addition, video helps your brand build authority. By posting videos of your products, shoppers can see that your brand is the real deal, and not a fake or low-quality store. And since videos incite users to trust you more, they in-turn will likely buy more. 

And finally, video is simply more engaging. There’s a reason most people (81%) prefer video over any other type of content on social media. Watching videos is more captivating and interesting than reading product descriptions and viewing images.

What is the Wish Clips feature?

The Wish Clips feature allows your brand to post 5 – 30 second videos of products, including how they might be used or worn by customers. Through Wish’s merchant dashboard, you can access and analyze performance metrics to understand how videos drive sales for specific products. This dashboard includes customer likes and watch times. Utilizing these analytics, you can improve product videos for optimal performance. 

Wish’s Chief Production Officer, Tarun Jain, says, “For merchants, Wish Clips provides a great opportunity to showcase their brand’s personality and style while driving product discovery within a native shopping experience.”

For shoppers, watching Wish Clips will help them quickly learn about the products your brand is selling. Alongside the video, they’ll also be able to see product details, visit your store, or add the product to their shopping cart. Users can also like the video or report it to Wish’s content moderation team. Wish Clips will be available in the home page feed.

Jain says, “For users, Wish Clips helps them better visualize the product and enjoy a more immersive, interactive experience.”

When will Wish Clips be available? 

The Wish Clips feature is already available to merchants and Android users in the following 9 markets:

  • United States
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Great Britain
  • Italy
  • Japan

Throughout April 2022, Wish is continuously rolling out this feature to iOS users as well. Jain says, “The reaction so far from our users and merchants has been great. We look forward to completing the rollout of Wish Clips across our entire user base very soon.” 

3 tips for creating high-quality Wish Clips

To truly convert your shoppers into customers, make sure your videos are enticing. Creating high-quality product videos will increase the effectiveness of your videos. 

1. Use a camera with high-quality video

Most cameras can shoot videos, but you’ll want to invest in a high-quality camera to truly captivate your audience. Shoppers can immediately tell the difference between what was shot on an iPhone versus what was taken on a professional camera. 

If you truly want to exude trustworthiness and professionalism, shoot all your product videos on a high-quality camera. Even better: Hire a professional videographer. Creating videos is an art, and between the shooting and the editing, it can take a lot of time to get it right. Additionally, your video needs to be edited well. It shouldn’t contain any cheesy transitions or other issues that make your brand look less reliable. Think about all these factors, as well as what your time is worth, and then consider delegating this task to a professional.

2. Maintain a consistent appearance

There are two different types of videos you can choose to focus on:

  1. Lifestyle shots: Aka videos that exemplify the product being used. For example, for swimwear, you might create a video of a model surfing while wearing the products.
  2. Close up of products with minimal background: This type of video focuses on the product itself, with a plain background to limit distractions. This includes close zoom-ins of the product.

Rather than mixing it up between these two, it’s better to maintain brand consistency by making the same types of videos for each product. 

Look for other elements of the videos that you can use to unify all your product videos. You can maintain consistency by using the same models repeatedly, by ensuring the lighting in each video is the same, and/or by always shooting with the same background.

3. Decide how you want a script conveyed

Do you want a voice-over, on-screen text, or no script at all? Whatever you decide is based on personal preference. Just try to keep it consistent across your videos to give your brand a sense of identity. 

If you do have a script, the most important element is the hook. This is what determines if your audience will watch the video or not. The hook could be something funny, shocking, or simply unusual. If you don’t have a script, you can capture the audience’s attention by starting the video with an interesting clip (see examples here).

How to get started using Wish Clips

Now that you know the importance of video and are more familiar with the new shoppable feature from Wish, you can start using Wish Clips to create enticing eCommerce videos that to enhance your brand strategy.

Interested in learning more about how to integrate shoppable video platforms into your eCommerce business? Check out our post here!

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