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Everything you need to know about Wish Express and how to grow your Wish sales

Wish and Deliverr have partnered up to provide fast fulfillment for Wish sellers who want to access Wish Express. Learn more in this joint webinar recording between Wish and Deliverr, where we discuss details of the Wish Express program, how to use Deliverr for Wish, current category trends, and various ways to grow your Wish sales, from ads to listing optimization.

The webinar recording will go over:

  • What is Wish
  • Basics of the Deliverr Wish program
  • Wish Express: Details, pricing, and benefits
  • How to calculate cost of selling on Wish
  • A checklist to get started on Wish
  • Other ways to grow your Wish sales

Download the webinar slides here.

Common FAQs

When will Deliverr fulfill batteries?

We’re aiming to support batters by Q4 2020. You can stay tuned on our blog.

Can I input listings from Walmart into Wish?

You can use a channel partner to do this, or you can use the merchant dashboard and upload a CSV file.

Can I send Amazon inventory into Deliverr?

Deliverr accepts Amazon FNSKU barcodes, UPCs, and Deliverr barcodes. If you send a UPC to Deliverr, the first seller who registers that UPC will get it.

Does Deliverr ship internationally?

Currently, Deliverr only serves the USA, but we have a pilot program where we’re beginning to experiment with international options. Stay tuned on our blog for updates.

Does Wish offer support to brands by taking down unauthorized sellers?

Yes, Wish account managers are available to sellers coming to Wish through Deliverr. You can go through your account managers to help resolve these issues. Learn more here.

Will Deliverr start handing returns soon?

It’s in our pipeline but has been delayed due to COVID-19 issues.

What’s the benefit of offering returns on Wish?

Returns through Deliverr must go through your own location. Benefits for offering returns on Wish are if a refund is sent an item will be sent to your warehouse before the return is processed.

Can we sell masks and other medical supplies on Wish?

Wish allows medical products on their platform, sellers just have to adhere to price gouging rules and price within market range.

Can I be part of Wish Express but only for the US?

Yes, you can configure this in your seller dashboard.

Does Deliverr ship to all 50 states?

Deliverr supports nationwide shipping to all of the U.S.A., including AK/HI. There are higher fulfillment costs for AK and HI since there are only certain carrier options to go to those locations. You can also turn these locations off on your listing if you don’t want to shoulder those costs.

How long does it take my inventory to be available for sale after I ship items to Deliverr?

Deliverr’s normal receiving SLA is 24-48 hours. In the wake of COVID-19, we’ve extended this to 72 hours, since we aren’t receieving the product within the first 24 hours as part of a health advisory from the CDC.

After those 24 hours, items are received and we record the dimensions of your product. We then update your different channels and you’ll see your listings go live.

Note: If you have a non-compliant shipment (ie. wrong barcodes) we launched a non-compliance flow that lists non-compliant inbounds in your Deliverr account. They will not be recieved until you follow those steps and achieve compliance.

What is the average selling price of products on Wish?

Wish has seen products do well for a variety of prices, from low prices to $100-$200. Besides the price tag, there are a lot of factors that determine whether a merchant is successful. Ie. Category, listing optimization.

If an order shows as delivered to a buyer, but a buyer claims non-receipt, how does Wish handle this?

Wish will reference the tracking number and shipment status. If the order has arrived, there’s no penalty to the seller.

What are the most powerful tags that help generate impressions on Wish?

Wish Express tags, using ProductBoost and advertising technology, brands tab (for official brands), and the U.S. flag that denotes an item ships from the USA (Deliverr merchants get this tag).

Can I inbound directly from China into Deliverr?

Yes, you can ship from China to Deliverr. You’ll need to use our option to ship to one warehouse, and input a ship from location using a China location, and ship on your own rates.

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