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Deliverr sellers see a 23% sales boost on Wish with 2-day tag

As online merchants activate 2-day delivery for their Wish orders through Deliverr, their sales skyrocketed an additional 23% on average.

Also, these sellers saw their 15% total order volume spike in Deliverr when adding Wish as an additional sales channel and transformed their listings with fast shipping program Wish Express.

Through relentless testing and feedback loops, we have even seen top-performing sellers who have achieved 300%, 100%, and 50% additional order volume with optimization strategies — many of whom are selling on Wish for the very first time.

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Thanks to the unique badging, sellers get supercharged in-app search ranking, filter inclusion, and boosted marketing impressions. These standout badges dynamically display 2-day delivery promises across the Wish platform, based on real-time inventory positions in the Deliverr network.

Along with this potential order spike, merchants activating Wish for the first time received:

  • A reduced marketplace take rate to 5% through 2020
  • $100 in ad credit to kickstart their sales to gain initial traction on the platform

Join us at Discoverr, where we’ve invited Wish product managers to discuss not just how to sell on Wish, but completely master:

  • ProductBoost and IntenseBoost for insane conversions
  • Getting Verified by Wish and Trusted Store badges
  • Returns management
  • Getting Wish Express and 2-day delivery

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