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Reminder: Deadlines to send inventory to Deliverr for BFCM

Reminder for Deliverr merchants: Get your inventory stocked in time for Black Friday

Peak season is coming up, so it’s important to be aware of receiving deadlines this October and November. These are the deadlines you need to have inventory received in the Deliverr network to ensure your items are ready for sale on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

For merchants shipping to our cross dock facilities under the Forwarding Plan, packages must arrive by October 15th at the latest to ensure items are ready for sale by Black Friday.

For merchants shipping directly to our final fulfillment centers under the Direct Plan, packages must arrive by November 3rd at the latest to ensure items are ready for sale by Black Friday.

What is the difference between the Forwarding Plan and Direct Plan?

Under the Forwarding Plan, merchants can send items to one location and we will handle forwarding inventory where it needs to go. Under the Direct Plan, merchants send items directly to multiple warehouses in their shipping plan, eliminating the step where Deliverr handles inventory forwarding.

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