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How Pregmate achieved 40% growth in 4 weeks

Pregmate distributes ovulation and pregnancy testing kits and other in vitro diagnostic products. Their over-the-counter fertility tests are known for excellent quality and user-friendly design. Pregmate’s mission is to construct first-class products while providing outstanding customer service. They want to accomplish this while enjoying life and maintaining exceptional health.

Pregmate uses Deliverr to fulfill their products on multiple channels, so we spoke to Pregmate Owner Victor Marozau about sourcing, advertising, business, and overall growth.

A little bit about Pregmate

Pregmate manufactures their products in the USA, China, and Canada, with assembly and packaging done in Hollywood, FL.

They were selling on Amazon since 2014, with sales growing on average 100% each year. This year, their sales reached $5M on Amazon alone.

In addition to Amazon, they sell on eBay, Walmart, and their own Shopify store.

Back when they first launched on Walmart in 2017, they earned around $100K in 12 months (compared to around $1M the same year on Amazon). Their Walmart sales consisted of around 10% of Amazon sales, showing the same growth rate of 100% each year.

They use a combination of fast shipping and advertising to help boost their sales, so we’ll break a few of those tactics (and results) down below.

Multi-channel advertising

Pregmate got access to sponsored ads and enhanced content through Deliverr, and uses those to advertise their listings and boost conversions on Walmart.

With Walmart Sponsored Products, Pregmate can bid on keywords to show their listings to shoppers who search for certain phrases indicating they’re ready to buy. Since this program is CPC, Pregmate only has to pay when their ad performs.

Enhanced content allows Pregmate’s Walmart listings to feature special media, such as a comparison chart and FAQs – versus the simple imagery that’s standard across all listings. This type of media can help listings stand out, engage shoppers once they land on your item, and boost conversions by 10-20%.

They also run Amazon Sponsored Products, bidding on keywords such as ovulation test strips, ovulation kits, pregnancy test strips, and the like.

Activating 2-day delivery for 40% growth

“We saw a 40% growth in gross merchandise volume after activating 2-day delivery.” – Victor Marozau

Before activating Walmart 2-day delivery, Pregmate had $300K of sales on the marketplace. Within 4 weeks of activating 2-day delivery on Walmart, Pregmate saw a 40% growth in sales.

Victor attributes their rapid success to “Availability of 2-day free shipping became one of the main factors in making a purchase decision by customers.”

NextDay Delivery

Since Pregmate uses Deliverr to fulfill Shopify orders, their shoppers are also eligible for NextDay delivery in certain areas, at no additional cost to Pregmate or their buyers.

The Deliverr advantage

According to Victor, their favorite part of working with Deliverr is our fast and simple integration and ease of use.

This ties in with our aim to make 2-day delivery easy and accessible to merchants, regardless of platform or size. With fast onboarding and a hassle-free experience, we hope you test out the power of 2-day delivery for your own sales and reach the annual run rate you’re aiming for.

Pregmate uses our GeekSeller integration.

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