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How Ani Energy Boosted Sales by 19% In 30 Days Using Cart Minimum Fast Tags


Ani Energy isn’t your typical energy drink brand. Founded by Bryce Hall and Josh Richards in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ani Energy boasts an awesome taste and a simple formulation for energy and focus without caffeine and other additives. 

After first launching directly with Deliverr in 2020, Ani Energy was able to increase its Average Order Value (AOV) by 12% using 2-Day Fast Tags on its eCommerce site. At the end of 2021, the brand was able to drive even more growth month-over-month (November-December) with NextDay Cart Minimum Fast Tags. Read on to learn how implementing free NextDay delivery impacted Ani Energy’s conversion rate.

Ultra-fast next-day delivery with minimum order volumes

Although Ani Energy knew offering fast delivery speeds would boost its conversion rate and drive more sales, the brand was careful to measure its costs and profits to ensure healthy margins.

The brand found that paying for fast shipping on a single item order hurt its margins, but saw a 5-10% improvement when shipping two cases (in addition to greater sales lift). Ani Energy could then use these higher margins to give value back to the customer with even faster shipping.

After seeing a 12% lift in both average order value and average units per order with 2-day Fast Tags for orders of two cases or more, Ani Energy wanted to test NextDay delivery Fast Tags for orders over $40. By implementing Deliverr’s NextDay Fast Tag feature on its website, Ani Energy saw a 33.1% increase in orders placed in just one month (Nov-Dec 2021) and was able to boost sales by an estimated 19.7% (the sales attributed to the benefit of fast shipping only). Learn more about our methodology for calculating this boost in sales here.

This strategy increased Ani Energy’s profits per unit, improved its net margins, and helped the brand continue to push larger economies of scale.

How other Deliverr merchants can use this feature

In 2021, Deliverr launched the cart minimums feature to all merchants, enabling the ability to set a minimum order amount for shoppers in order to unlock fast shipping options. 

Merchants across the board are seeing this addition result in higher average cart value (up to 40% increase in units per order), better margins, and a better customer experience (especially for items with margins that didn’t allow for fast shipping previously).

The Deliverr experience

Our mission at Deliverr is to empower the merchants who work with us to create a seamless fulfillment experience to delight their customers, while still maintaining a healthy profit. The Ani Energy story showcases how NextDay delivery rewards the customer, while cart minimums support the business.

If you’d like to learn how to achieve similar success, book a meeting with the Deliverr team today to learn more.

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