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10 Awesome Amazon keyword tools

Getting to the top of Amazon’s search results is probably the most profitable thing your online business can do. Amazon is the go-to place for shopping inspiration, second only to Google (and not by much), but it’s also the go-to place for online sellers, with an estimated 5 million retailers using the platform.

Competition is fierce, which is why we’ve tested and analyzed the 10 best Amazon keyword tools out there – helping you to optimize your Amazon listings and win conversions while you’re at it.

What are Amazon keywords?

Amazon is a search engine, just like Google – indexing content so that it delivers quick and relevant search results so that potential customers don’t decide to shop at Walmart or eBay instead.

To do this, Amazon relies on an algorithm. Specifically, the use of keywords in your listings, which help Amazon understand what products you sell and who might be interested in them.

As a seller, keywords have the added benefits of;

  • Improved search result placement
  • Increased conversions
  • Better seller ranking
  • Competitive edge
  • Following best practices

Improved search result placement

The more closely that your keywords match a customer’s search query, the higher Amazon places your listing in the search results – increasing visibility and generating more product views.

Increased conversions

The more traffic visiting your listing, the more conversions you’ll receive – especially when your keywords have resulted in a perfect ‘product vs. search query’ match (also known as a qualified lead).

Better seller ranking

The more customers converting on your listing, the more Amazon trusts your keywords – improving your seller ranking and helping you to retain the top search result spot.

Competitive edge

The higher you place in the search results, the better chance you have of outperforming your competitors – especially if you’re targeting unique keywords that they’re not.

Following best practices

And finally, Amazon keyword optimization is good practice. It helps you to attract the right traffic, it helps your customers to find the right products, and it helps your performance on other marketplaces and search engines.

The top 10 best Amazon keyword tools

But, identifying the right keywords for your Amazon listings (known as keyword research) is harder than it sounds. You need to select keywords that create the perfect balance of:

  1. Words being used by online shoppers in their search queries;
  2. Words that are relevant to your product; and
  3. Words that aren’t impossibly competitive.

Amazon keyword tools help you to identify these words – letting you know the exact search terms and long-tail keyword strategies to use to generate qualified traffic and top Amazon’s search results. Let’s take a look at the most popular.

1. ahref’s Site Explorer

ahref is a well-known SEO tool in the digital marketing industry, and its Amazon keyword tool is equally well-known. With nearly 100 million keywords in its database, you can use ahref’s built-in features to discover what consumers are searching for, and how to align your listings accordingly. Key features include volume estimations, country-specific results, and “newly discovered” keyword reports.

ahrefs keyword tool
(Source: ahrefs)

Price: From $99 per month

Trial: 7 days for $7

2. Sonar

Using real data from actual Amazon customer search queries, Sonar’s keyword research results aren’t skewed by what shoppers are searching for elsewhere. This gives you highly accurate results, targetted to Amazon – improving your chances of success. You can also use Sonar to perform reverse ASIN searches to find out your competitor’s keywords, as well as keyword translation, PPC searches, and index check.

Amazon Keyword Tool: Sonar
(Source: Sonar)

Price: Free

3. Scientific Seller

Scientific Seller’s smart keyword research software, helps online retailers gain as much as a 10% bump in monthly Amazon sales. Marketing itself as “the world’s slowest keyword tool”, Scientific Seller prides itself on thorough research that delivers keywords from a variety of real-time sources – resulting in unique long-tail keywords that your potential customers are using but your competitors don’t yet know about.

Keyword tool from Scientific Seller
(Source: Scientific Seller)

Price: Free

4. Viral Launch

With dozens of features and tools, you can use Viral Launch to perform reverse market lookups, research Amazon search volume data, view historical search trends, and build listings within the app itself. Viral Launch’s keyword research tool also integrates directly with its product discovery and market research tools, providing you with even deeper insights for fueling your keyword strategy.

Viral Launch keyword tool
(Source: Viral Launch)

Price: From $41.79 per month

Trial: Five seeded word searches for free

5. Keyword Tool

Using Amazon’s autocomplete search suggestion feature, Keyword Tool generates a large number of relevant long-tail keywords to use in your Amazon product titles, descriptions, and hidden keywords. An added feature of Keyword Tool is the ability to select regional Amazon websites and languages – great if you’re an international seller or preparing for growth.

Keyword Tool autocomplete
(Source: Keyword Tool)

Price: Free or from $69 per month for the Pro version.

6. SellerApp

Another international keyword research tool is Seller App. This Chrome extension makes picking the right words easy, using its 135+ million keyword database to give you the data behind the most profitable and specific keywords for your Amazon listings. Their results include monthly search volume, real-time PPC costs, and impresions.

SellerApp keyword tool
(Source: SellerApp)

Price: From $49.99 per month

Trial: Seven days for free

7. Magnet

Magnet describes itself as having “the largest database of actionable Amazon-related keywords on the market.” Simply enter a seed keyword, and Magnet generates a long list of relevant alternatives that you can customize using advanced filters like word count, search volume, number of competing products, and more.

Magnet keyword tool
(Source: Magnet)

Price: $37 per month

Trial: Two free uses per day

8. SellerLabs

With SellerLabs’ Amazon SEO tool, you can do much more than identify high-traffic keywords. Added features enable you to do a reverse ASIN lookup to see what’s driving your competitor’s sales, research the potential profitability of new products, and track the search ranking of a product over time – giving you the most comprehensive SEO database for your listings.

SellerLabs Amazon keyword tool
(Source: SellerLabs)

Price: $32.50 per month

Trial: Live weekly tours available every Friday at 11am EST

9. AMZScout

AMZScout’s easy and intuitive keyword tracker makes improving your Amazon ranking and monitoring your competitor’s products effortlessly. Stand out features include ASIN keyword search, the ability to visually track keyword position changes over time, and the ability to import and export data. Plus, with a whole host of other Amazon tools and apps, you can optimize every aspect on your online store.

AMZScout Keyword tool
(Source: AMZScout)

Price: From $29 per month

Trial: One month for free

10. JungleScout

JungleScout’s all-in-one Amazon tool has everything you need for analyzing Amazon’s search results and driving conversion rates. Useful from product research to product launch and beyond, you can discover keyword level insights and consumer search trends using JungleScout’s powerful exploration and tracking features – building better product listings for you and your customers.

Jungle Scout keyword tool
(Source: JungleScout)

Price: From $39 per month

Other ways to improve your Amazon SEO

Using the right keywords is a great way to start improving your Amazon SEO, but it doesn’t stop there. You can significantly increase your Amazon search ranking and number of qualified leads through:

Amazon Prime

Amazon’s fast shipping program, Amazon Prime, increases your search result placement as well as:

  • Highlights your listing with an Amazon Prime badge;
  • Includes your listing in Amazon Prime-filtered search results; and
  • Increases your chances of winning the Amazon buy box.

You can qualify your listings for Amazon Prime by fulfilling your orders using FBA or through Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) using either your own in-house fulfillment operation or outsourcing to a fulfillment partner that supports SFP.

Customer reviews

The amount of high-scoring product reviews you have on Amazon is another important ranking factor. Deliver the best buyer experience on Amazon by:

  • Ensuring your items are in stock by synchronizing your inventory across sales channels;
  • Offering free and fast delivery to make customers feel valued; and
  • Responding to any customer problems quickly and efficiently.

Amazon PPC ads

Finally, Amazon PPC ads offer a quick way to top the search results, product pages, and beyond. Amazon advertising returns your products within the first few search results, along with a “sponsored” tag. Amazon display ads promote your products on Amazon devices and other Amazon websites, including IMBD, Zappos, and Goodreads.

Find out more about advertising on Amazon and other marketplaces here

Amazon keywords are vital to your search result success on Amazon, but discovering the best keywords for your listings requires more than simple trial and error. The above keyword tools go beyond guesswork to deliver data-backed competitive keywords that bring search ranking, customers, and sales – everything you need to succeed.

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