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How TushBaby built an eCommerce following on the healthy backs of parents

Life’s complicated. Carrying your kid shouldn’t be. TushBaby is a simple, ergonomic hip seat that evenly distributes your baby’s weight, so you can carry your children more comfortably.

TushBaby Co-Founder and CMO Sara Azadi

TushBaby has appeared on Shark Tank, Good Morning America, and other media outlets praising their hip seat baby carrier. This carrier considers the comfort of sitting babies as well as the hips and backs of parents, while also functioning as convenient and fashionable storage for diapers, bottles, car keys, and more.

TushBaby uses Deliverr to fulfill orders all over the U.S., so we were able to speak with TushBaby Founders Tammy Rant and Sara Azadi about their origins, process, and how they made TushBaby a success.

TushBaby origins

TushBaby Founder Tammy Rant using TushBaby to carry her child

“I couldn’t find a simple, comfortable way to carry my kids.” – Tammy Rant, TushBaby Founder

After struggling with complicated strap-in carriers, a two-person job, and suffering neck, back, and arm pain from carrying her kids on her hip, Tammy decided she (and all the other parents out there) deserved something better.

After struggling with complicated strap-in carriers, a two-person job, and suffering neck, back, and arm pain from carrying her kids on her hip, Tammy decided she (and all the other parents out there) deserved something better.

She designed an ergonomic hipseat that went on with one easy-to-attach buckle. It would evenly distribute her kids’ weight and allow her to pick them up and put them down without any hassle. Tammy then added storage pockets to hold changing supplies and personal items like keys and a wallet, so it would be the only thing she’d have to carry (aside from her kids).

According to her blog, “so many parents and caregivers had approached me in parks and stores asking where I’d bought my carrier that I knew I had a good thing going.” After testing the concept on KickStarter, they closed with $124,000 and got another $75,000 worth of orders after being featured on the Insider post. Then, she went on to Shark Tank.

Timelines for production

It took the TushBaby team around a year to refine the design and manufacturing.

“We went through 12 different prototypes in the first few months to make sure we were giving customers the product that would actually solve their comfort and convenience problems.

“Then we chatted with pediatricians and chiropractors to ensure we were meeting their standards for both baby hip health and adult back alignment.

“Then we went through a few manufacturers to find a team we could trust to build this product right — and that guaranteed fair labor, which was important to us too.” – Sara Azadi, TushBaby Co-founder and CMO

A customer-first approach

When asked about what advice they would give to aspiring eCommerce entrepreneurs, Sara and Tammy said “Put your customer at the center of everything you do. Don’t just start a company to start a company. Start a company that solves a real problem for people.”

This customer-centered approach has helped them to win fans and customers across the globe. Parents are at the center of every big decision behind TushBaby, down to the decision to sell online instead of in retail stores.

“We’re all about simplifying parents lives, and selling online enables us to do exactly that. Our customers are parents and caregivers and already have enough on their plates. Rather than add another thing to do, stop to make, or item to carry, we opted to sell online so they could shop conveniently, quickly, and get TushBaby delivered right to their doors.” – Tammy Rant, TushBaby Founder

The TushBaby team recommends understanding your customers’ pain points, frustrations, and struggles first and foremost. Then, set out to solve those issues explicitly with your product or brand.

“At the end of the day, if you’re not solving problems, you won’t sell product.” – Sara Azadi, TushBaby Co-founder and CMO

TushBaby’s 2-day advantage

“Before Deliverr, we used a manual system that took up a lot more (wo)man power because we were constantly trying to figure out how to get product to people quicker, which is what today’s customers expect.” – Sara Azadi, TushBaby Co-founder and CMO

Before working with Deliverr, TushBaby had a healthy amount of sales, but noticed their shoppers would turn to Amazon when they wanted fast delivery.

Since they have their own Shopify store, they wanted to drive more direct sales with fast shipping. Enter Deliverr.

“After working with Deliverr and activating fast shipping, we saw a 30% lift in sales across our website, and significant increase in brand engagement and return customers.” – Sara Azadi, TushBaby Co-founder and CMO

Guiding shoppers to purchase

TushBaby’s Shopify store enables them to drive greater brand engagement directly with consumers.

To help shoppers push through to purchase, instead of hopping to a different channel, consumers who visit TushBaby’s Shopify store see their 2-day delivery promise right on their homepage. That fast shipping promise is then reinforced on the product page and through checkout.

“Thanks to quick shipping, TushBaby’s word-of-mouth has improved, as has our overall customer return rate. People know they can come to and get shipping that’s as fast (or faster) than purchasing from Amazon.” – Sara Azadi, TushBaby Co-founder and CMO

Since TushBaby is using Deliverr for Shopify 2-day delivery, they were also automatically eligible for next day delivery for certain zip codes. They get this benefit at no additional cost!

Delivering under pressure

After appearing on Good Morning America, TushBaby won over parents around the world who understood the pain and frustration of dropping bottles and fishing out car keys while hanging on to their little ones.

TushBaby received thousands of orders in a single day, which could have gotten overwhelming for a new business.

Fortunately, with the partnership of Deliverr, every order was shipped out on time. This did wonders to build trust and establish a true partnership that remained reliable even at scale.

Expanding to Walmart and eBay

Selling direct has many benefits, but TushBaby wanted to be everywhere their customers shopped. So, they expanded to Walmart and eBay with Deliverr’s multi-channel fulfillment capabilities.

Thanks to Deliverr’s relationships with various marketplaces, TushBaby was able to launch on Walmart and eBay within days, and get in front of their buyers with fast shipping badges.

TushBaby got pre-approved access to Walmart’s 2-day delivery program, helping them appear higher in search results and beat out competitors when shoppers filter for fast shipping.

Getting fast shipping tags across marketplaces comes with multiple benefits. Read about a few success stories below;

The Deliverr experience

“We love our dedicated Deliverr specialists! They’re always proactively providing recommendations — not only as it relates to shipping but as it relates to our overall business.” – Sara Azadi, TushBaby Co-founder and CMO

TushBaby and Deliverr are true partners, which is reflected in the success of TushBaby and how valued they are as Deliverr merchants. Instead of focusing on one aspect of the company, Deliverr specialists provide support and strategic advice for the business as a whole.

“Deliverr is a true partner that’s invested in our success. The Deliverr team has gone above and beyond, putting in extra effort to help us get the word out about how quickly product can get to consumers. They’re as invested in us as we are in them, and in this cut-throat space, true partnership means a lot.” – Tammy Rant, TushBaby Founder

TushBaby uses our Shopify direct integration.

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