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How do I calculate my Deliverr fulfillment rates?

Money is the central nervous system of any successful eCommerce business, so it’s important to understand how fees work. In this blog, we’re breaking down Deliverr fulfillment fees and how to calculate them.

What are my Deliverr fulfillment fees?

The good news is Deliverr’s fee structure is transparent and easy to understand. Here is a breakdown of explanations behind fulfillment fees and everything you need to know about them. 

Tip: Visit our help center article What are Deliverr’s fees for more information. 

Where do I find my Deliverr fulfillment fees?

You can locate your exact pricing in two places; your seller portal and our calculator.

1) Seller Portal

Head on over to the inventory section. Once you upload your inventory into the Deliverr Seller Portal, you should be able to view your inventory and associated fulfillment fees line-by-line.

This is what your feed will look like below:

2) Cost Calculator

With our cost calculator, you can see up-front what you’d pay. Here’s how to use it:

Add the Amazon product link or ASIN into the search box and click “calculate”

Your fulfillment cost per unit should populate, as shown below:

Toggle the units per order to calculate multi-unit costs. Over 5 units, the fulfillment cost per unit remains the same. For example, if the 2-day cost is $8 for a 5-unit order of chargers, you’d expect to pay also $8 per unit for a 20-unit order of chargers.

What does the fulfillment fee cover? 

Calculating Deliverr’s fulfillment rates is simple! This all-in-one fee covers: 

  • Receiving
  • Picking and packing 
  • Shipping costs

The fee is determined by three factors: SKU weight, dimensions, number of units, and service level. This fee applies to orders inside the contiguous US. 

To Alaska and Hawaii, not part of the contiguous US, we support standard service level orders only. The reason behind this is because fewer carriers service those areas. 

What service levels does Deliverr support?

Service levels are the speeds in which we deliver your item to the buyer. We support five service levels for shipping. Standard (5-7 days), 3-day, 2-day, Walmart 2-day, and Next Day delivery. 

Does Deliverr support international fees? 

At this time, we don’t. But we are looking to always expand and do so continuously!

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