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3 Ways Creative Boosts Sales on Amazon

This is a guest post from Tara Johnson, Lead Content Strategist at Tinuiti.

Your customers shop on Amazon — so why only run ad creative off Amazon? Advertising your brand and products on Amazon can help you boost conversions and brand awareness. Amazon’s advertising services make it easy to promote your products across the site.

In this article, we’ll cover three ways to use creative to boost sales on Amazon:

  1. Amazon Stores
  2. A+ Content
  3. Video on Amazon

1. Amazon Stores

Amazon Stores allows brand owners to design and build multi-page stores to showcase their brand and products. With Stores, you can curate and showcase a collection of your products, creating a brand-centric shopping experience on Amazon for both mobile and desktop shoppers.

Benefits of using Stores include:

  • Capitalizing on both internal and external traffic sources
  • Boosting organic rankings on Amazon and increasing sales
  • Promoting new products to pre-existing customers
  • Introducing your brand to new audiences
  • Giving users a better mobile experience with your brand

Because the creative on Amazon Stores matches your brand, it’s a great way for you to maintain your brand identity and showcase your value proposition in the crowded online marketplace.

Brands who create Amazon Stores can access Amazon Store Insights, which offers insight into the effectiveness of your Amazon Store and how shoppers interact with the store.

With Amazon Store Insights, you can track:

  • How many customers convert organically from the store
  • How many unique users or devices view one or more pages on your store in one day
  • The number of page views during this time period, including repeat views
  • How many total sales were generated by store visitors within 14 days of their last visit

2. A+ Content

You can use Amazon A+ Content to enhance your product detail page with next-level marketing content. Done right, A+ Content can help you overcome customers’ purchase hesitations and drive brand loyalty.

There are two levels of Amazon A+ content:

  1. “Basic” A+ content on Amazon, which includes five standard modules for free
  2. Premium A+ content, which includes seven modules and several additional features. Prices vary by vendor (at Amazon’s discretion).

According to Amazon, A+ Content can increase sales on average 3 to 10%. A+ Content uses detailed product descriptions, high-quality images, charts, and narrative copy to educate shoppers about your product and brand.

Follow these best practices to create the best Amazon A+ Content for your brand:

  • Follow Amazon’s requirements for image size and resolution, which will vary based on which module you use. If you don’t size your images properly, Amazon will reject your A+ Content application.
  • Watch out for forbidden symbols and characters, like the registered brand and registered trademark symbols. You also can’t include hyperlinks to other websites.
  • Make sure you proofread all of your copy and images before you submit them to Amazon for approval. submitting. If your page gets approved and you find an error later on, you will have to resubmit your page.
  • Make your content visual. Use banners to break up the text on your product detail page. This can also help grab shoppers’ attention and provide more information about your product.
  • Use charts to display more info about your own products. You can use a comparison chart to compare similar products to one another. This gives shoppers a chance to discover other products without navigating away from the detail page.
  • Make your A+ Content consistent across your product detail pages. It should reflect your branding and your website as a whole.

3. Video on Amazon

You can have video ads on Amazon and videos on your product details page (under the image thumbnails).

Adding videos to your product details page can increase your conversion rates by showcasing:

  • The value of your product
  • How to use your product
  • Information on your brand
  • What makes your product stand out

Amazon also offers Amazon Video Ads (AVAs). These ads show up on product listings and related pages. You can also run in-stream video ads on Amazon-owned sites and devices, including the Fire TV Stick and Amazon Kindle.

Amazon Video Ads are seamlessly incorporated into the existing look and feel of the site so that shoppers will stumble upon them when browsing Amazon across devices. The ads autoplay as soon as they are in full view of the user, but they play without sound unless the shopper clicks into the ad.

If you run your video ads through DSP, you can link your video ads to a product detail page on Amazon or to your own site. Creating video ads through DSP also means you can leverage Amazon’s audiences to target the right shoppers.

For best results, Amazon recommends:

  • Keeping your video ads under 15 seconds
  • Delivering your main message (without audio) within the first 5 seconds of the video
  • Combining video advertising with other ad types on Amazon, including display ads and sponsored ads

Each of the 3 Amazon advertising options we discussed here works great on its own. But combine all 3, and your creative is sure to boost Amazon sales for your brand.

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