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DRIVE Auto Products reaches top of search after activating Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping

Deliverr seller DRIVE Auto Products reached the top of search for “car trunk organizer” just a few weeks after enabling Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping. Their story highlights the power of fast shipping tags for prominence in search as well as a leap in conversions.

DRIVE Auto Products was founded with the question: What is missing from a typical car ride? They began creating solutions to some common everyday vehicle nuisances. Founder Ross Baker draws from his science and engineering background to approach problems creatively, figuring out how things can be improved, and perfecting their products through feedback and iteration.

We spoke with Ross Baker of DRIVE Auto Products to get his feedback on how Deliverr has helped his eCommerce business grow.

Before Deliverr, Ross fulfilled with FBA and a combination of multiple order management systems and a proprietary bundling software. DRIVE Auto Products had slow to moderate sales, and were on limited marketplaces.

Today, they’ve expanded to Walmart, simplified their software suite, and have reached the top of search on the marketplace. Their sales have risen steadily, and they’re able to fulfill orders quickly to help their customers drive with convenience.

From page 2 to top of search

When DRIVE Auto Products first started working with Deliverr, their Car Trunk Organizer appeared at the bottom of page 2 search results. After adding 2-day shipping, they started rising steadily, eventually reaching page 1.

DRIVE Auto at top of search in Walmart thanks to Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping

Today, their item appears at the very top of search!

520% boost in sales after activating fast shipping tags

DRIVE Auto Products activated the Walmart fast shipping tag on their Car Trunk Organizer item around October 2. Before then, they had respectable sales. After activating the 2-day badge, sales for their product rose 520% on Walmart. In just the first week of November, they already beat the entire month sales of September.

Why did DRIVE Auto choose Deliverr?

“It’s been great working with Deliverr since the early stages of these new integrations with eBay eGD and Walmart 2-day shipping, because of the personal attention and integrity they have operated with.” – Ross Baker

1) Access to fast shipping tags

“Awhile after integrating with Deliverr, introduced 2-day shipping where we immediately qualified under Deliverr’s infrastructure.” – Ross Baker

DRIVE Auto Products was pre-approved for Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping since they fulfill through Deliverr, so they were able to get up and running as seamlessly as possible. Similarly to how FBA integrates directly into Prime, Deliverr integrates with Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping.

Ross was also one of the very first sellers who qualified for eBay Guaranteed Delivery tags through Deliverr.

“We noticed the 2-Day Shipping bright green badge that awarded to our listing, and we also noticed an immediate and unmistakable uptick in sales.” – Ross Baker

The results speak for themselves when it comes to fast shipping tags and conversions. Not only do consumers expect 2-day shipping, they require it. All eCommerce sellers must keep up in order to protect their conversions.

2) Clear, competitive pricing

“[Deliverr has a] very aggressive pricing model that competed directly with Amazon FBA fulfillment pricing, whereas before any fulfillment service we had evaluated outside FBA was double the cost.” – Ross Baker

Ross was able to calculate his exact rates with Deliverr using our fulfillment cost calculator. Since Deliverr only charges for Fulfillment and Storage, and prices are all-inclusive, Ross could see exactly what his investment would be to get fast shipping tags, so he could weigh the risk and reward.

Without any minimum orders, DRIVE Auto Products was able to test Walmart’s 2-day shipping with minimum risk. What’s more, Deliverr provides exclusive discounted rates for Walmart 2-day shipping.

3) Access to Sponsored Products

“We are getting bids at about ⅓ the cost of similar keyword bids that we are running on Amazon Sponsored Ads.” – Ross Baker

DRIVE Auto on Walmart Performance Ads
DRIVE Auto’s car trunk organizer shows up as a sponsored product when searching for relevant terms like “Car trunk accessories”

Ross also saw success with Walmart Sponsored Products. Deliverr sellers are approved for Walmart Performance Ads, which are sponsored product ads that appear across This pay-per-click program allows you to broadcast your listings strategically, only pay for ads that work, and set your own CPC budget.

DRIVE Auto Products noticed a sustained daily increase in pageviews and sales conversions after activating these ads in Walmart’s self-serve platform, where you can track progress and results.

4) Access to new marketplaces

“[Deliverr] gave us access to new marketplace channels including Marketplace (which prohibits fulfillment by Amazon FBA).” – Ross Baker

Thanks to neutral brand packaging and support from his multi-channel listing tool, Sellbrite, Ross had access to a new marketplace and was able to expand to new channels that FBA couldn’t serve. With an environment where he knew costs upfront and had no minimum orders, he could effectively test new marketplaces with minimal risk or hidden fees.

What this means for all Walmart sellers

The success of fast shipping tags are mirrored across marketplaces. For example, Deliverr sellers have seen 100%+ growth in sales with eBay Guaranteed Delivery, and Amazon Prime has attracted more than 100 million members worldwide. If you want to be a successful seller on Amazon, Walmart, and eBay, you need fast tags. This story is just another case of a seller who has been able to leverage fast tags to grow sales.

Stay competitive, boost visibility in search, and capture consumer spend with Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping.

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