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Discoverr recap: Wish Express Shipping, Facebook ads, and more

Did you miss some exclusive first-time announcements at Discoverr?

Here are some highlights from our first-ever premier eCommerce conference led by power sellers, thought leaders, and more. These features are all available now seller-wide.

The “Commerce Graph” and an exciting Facebook announcement

Ready for the future? You won’t be until you learn where to capture untapped real estate and run that profitable sales engine that will give you a forever return on investment.

Co-founder of Deliverr Michael Krakaris does a deep dive into a secret called the “Commerce Graph”, how we’ve used it to target high-intent buyers to convert them at the point of discovery, and how we’ve applied it to clients to boost long-term results.

We also announced a product release that allows eCommerce sellers to completely transform their Facebook Ads with Prime-like fast shipping badges while saving every dollar spent.

Not only do sellers reach a larger share of the one billion Facebook active user pool, but they’re also saving — a ton. After just a few weeks of diligent testing, we found that our pilot sellers already pocketed 50% for 2-day in Cost-Per-Action, and a whopping 62%+ for 1-day tags in savings, and these numbers are expected to look even better with time. (CPA is the cost to convert a potential shopper into a buyer.)

Fireside chat with the Walmart team and a $1,000,000 seller

After launching just 7 products, a client gained $971k in revenue in four months. Yet another netted over 7,000 positive reviews and then $837k in revenue. What did they do to achieve these coveted stats?

Sid Sahoo and Alicia Definis at Walmart dig through their data, explain how to fill in assortment gaps and leverage the power of fast shipping. Then, tune in with Fernando Cruz of MarketplaceOps, an agency famous for scaling CPG brands on Amazon, as he explains in detail how to budget for the highest ROI by adjusting price and rally quality reviews with a few handy tools.

Here are a few takeaways:

  • 2-day delivery tags on Walmart items boosts conversion by 50% in 2020
  • Maintain a return of ad spend above 3, and remove keywords that fall below 1
  • Use Pixelfy and RebateKey to launch your products and create initial demand, and more

Take advantage of this holiday season’s cheer, as there will be a record-breaking amount of people are going to filling their carts!

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Pilot sellers using Deliverr fast tag boosts their Wish Express Shipping listings by 23%

We’re getting even speedier with exclusive 2-day bold, unique badges on your Wish inventory. Sellers can now get even more in-filter inclusion, increased in-app impressions, and more. Pilot sellers saw a spike of 15% of their total order volume in Deliverr, and that’s not counting the superstars reaching new peaks of 300%, 100%, and more with additional optimization plays.

Reach these heights with your own store, as Wish product managers Adam Hundt and Katherine Sara discuss the following, and more:

  • What most people don’t know about Wish’s size
  • How to boost your products with ProductBoost and Intenseboost
  • The steps brands must follow to gain impressions
  • How to kick the flywheel effect into motion to get your next million, and more

Wish referral

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How to find winning products and gaps in the market

In this method-filled session, Deliverr head of engineering Artur Rivillis revealed how the top categories on Amazon are performing on other marketplaces. From the data, you may be surprised to know that sellers in the personal care category will have success parlaying their assortment to Shopify! We can also see buyers taking up an interest in the keto diet, sewing, and home audio and theater-related categories.

Listen to these renowned hustlers: Casey Gauss, co-founder of Viral-Launch and power seller Chad Rubin of ThinkCrucial conduct a deep dive into:

  • Top mistakes they see their clients make
  • Finding the “diamond SKU”
  • Breaking down the Amazon BSR and its misconceptions
  • How to diversify your product mix
  • Conducting aggressive research on your competitors, and more

Hop on this session and find out the type of product line to build to gain the highest revenue multiple on your investment and how to define your sales to review ratio.

Why Facebook Ads is any successful Shopify brands’ best-kept secret

We know that sourcing a good product is half the battle, but nothing will sell itself without a solid marketing strategy. If you’re not selling on Shopify or want to improve your advertising proficiency, this session is especially for you.

Listen to the ad experts and Shopify elite: AdKings co-founder Darius Kungca, Steven Yu from hypergrowth Shopify store Hey Dude Shoes, and Nick Nichlewicz of Wellpath, talk about  how they supercharged their profits with:

  • Enhanced bundling and subscriptions
  • Why Facebook Ads are more profitable than Google Adwords
  • Dark-posting and influencer strategies
  • Bundling to get the most conversion rate optimization
  • The best three shopping channels to sell on, and more

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Google Keynote: 30% of consumers start their product search on Google

Your buyers use the biggest search engine in the world to diagnose illnesses, look up words they don’t know, and now kick off their shopping journey. With Google’s most recent announcement that they no longer charge commission fees for purchases made through Shopping Actions, the barrier to entry has lowered more than ever to sell on the platform.

Now, any Deliverr seller can also harness the power and reach of Google Shopping to fuel their business, capture loyal customers, and create a seamless shopping experience.

Join ChannelAdvisor’s Link Walls and Deliverr’s Tim McDonnell talk about Google Shopping, the go-to platform for buyer discovery and one of the biggest retail ad spend platforms in the world.

Walls explains:

  • Why beginners should segment out their catalog to high, medium, and low margin products and how to set bidding strategies
  • The basics of uploading and following query data
  • How to enable the free option that lets you rise to the top on Google’s feed

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