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Top learning resources for multi-channel eCommerce sellers

Top learning resources for multi-channel eCommerce sellers

Running a successful eCommerce business requires a lot of knowledge, from product sourcing and fast shipping strategies to listing optimization and psychological tricks. While trial and error can get you some of the way, learning from other people’s expertise, wins, and mistakes make growing your multi-channel eCommerce business a lot easier and more successful.

In our recent State of Multi-Channel eCommerce survey, we asked sellers what their top learning resources were. Here’s what they said.

Get an edge in eCommerce

The eCommerce industry changes fast. One minute Amazon is a bookstore, and the next minute they’re delivering groceries by drone. Marketplaces, best practices, and consumer trends are no different.

Staying up-to-date, relevant, and knowledgeable is important because it keeps you…

  • Competitive
  • Attractive
  • Growing
  • Successful

Plus, with plenty of useful and informative resources out there, expanding your eCommerce knowledge doesn’t have to be hard. So, without further delay, let’s discover the top learning resources for multi-channel eCommerce sellers.

The top blogs for multi-channel eCommerce sellers

Blogs are an easy way to access expert knowledge fast, and they come in all shapes and sizes – from quick tips to more in-depth guides. Some of the favorite eCommerce blogs out there include…

Practical Ecommerce

Created by Kerry and Joy Murdoch in 2005, Practical Ecommerce provides exactly what you’d expect: independent and practical advice and news for eCommerce businesses across the globe.

With a range of leading eCommerce practitioners, consultants, and journalists as their authors, Practical Ecommerce’s expertise span ten main topics, including Amazon, B2B, and SEO – everything you need for running a successful multi-channel eCommerce store.

Most relevant to: Small and medium-sized businesses

Frequency: Daily

Check out:

Internet Retailer

Sellers interested in eCommerce news, updates, and trends can’t get much better than Internet Retailer’s up-to-the-minute blog stream. This well-rounded blog is a great one to stay current with the latest in e-retail and digital marketing.

More news-focused that the other eCommerce blogs on this list, Internet Retailer is an interesting read and a good source to follow consistently.

Most relevant to: Online retailers of all sizes

Frequency: Daily

Check out:

Marketplace Pulse

For the more analytical eCommerce seller, Marketplace Pulse’s blogs are a winning combination of data, analytics, and insights into the world of online retail.

Marketplace Pulse aims to help multi-channel businesses to understand the data behind eCommerce trends – helping you to make informed decisions on future sales and marketing plans.

Most relevant to: Online marketplace sellers

Frequency: Weekly

Check out:


Not just a pretty platform, Shopify also comes with one of the most extensive and expansive eCommerce blogs out there. With daily articles covering a diverse range of topics, you can find top tips and practical knowledge on anything from product photography to building an empire.

Plus, with Shopify’s authors being mainly guest posters, you can be sure that their blogs contain qualified and expert advice ready for real-life application.

Most relevant to: Small and medium-sized businesses

Frequency: Daily

Check out:


We made the list! Our eCommerce blog at Deliverr provides multi-channel eCommerce sellers with expert guidance on implementing strategies that increase profits, fuel growth, and sustain expansion.

The blog is a great resources for cross-channel tips, covering topics including fast shipping programs, SEO best practice, fulfillment strategies, and online marketplace advertisements.

Most relevant to: Single and multi-channel sellers

Frequency: Bi-weekly

Check out:

The top podcasts for multi-channel eCommerce sellers

For online sellers preferring a more on-the-go way of learning, podcasts are a fantastic option and are becoming all the more popular and available. Our seller’s favorite podcasts for eCommerce knowledge are:


Run by eCommerce entrepreneur Andrew Youderian, eCommerceFuel’s weekly podcast series shares tips strategies, and stories aimed at six-figure store owners eager to take their business to the next level.

The learn and share format gives you real-life advice for taking your business from start-up to scale-up and beyond.

Tip: Once you’ve reached seven-figures, you can join the exclusive eCommerceFuel community to access even more knowledge.

Most relevant to: Six-figure eCommerce sellers

Frequency: Weekly

Check out:

My Wife Quit Her Job

An inspiring podcast series about entrepreneurs who quit their jobs to start successful online businesses, Steve Chou’s personal interviews on My Wife Quit Her Job uncover the details, strategies, and motivators that led to success.

Each episode is packed with actionable takeaways and lessons, enabling you to achieve the same business success without sacrificing your relationships or life savings.

Most relevant to: Aspiring and growing businesses

Frequency: Weekly

Check out:


EcomCrew’s weekly business podcast follows two small store owners documenting their daily challenges and achievements in running an online store.

Mike and Dave provide down-to-earth and relatable eCommerce advice that’s honest, results-focused, and aimed at keeping you on top of your game.

Most relevant to: Growing businesses

Frequency: Weekly

Check out:

The Amazing Seller

“Are you ready to build a successful online “income generating” business that creates freedom in your life?” That’s the question posed by The Amazing Seller, and that’s precisely what you can expect to achieve when following Scott Voelker’s straightforward, explanatory, and effective podcast lessons.

Aimed at entrepreneurs just like himself, Scott aims to cut through the information overload out there and provide business lessons that are understandable and useful.

Most relevant to: Amazon sellers

Frequency: Bi-weekly

Check out:

Bright Ideas

The final eCommerce podcast to top our list is the Bright Ideas podcast, another inspirational learning resource for multi-channel sellers. Each episode of Bright Ideas’ podcast contains “actionable golden nuggets” from proven entrepreneurs who have been there and achieved eCommerce success.

Filled with tactics and strategies, you will learn practical information from Trent Dyrsmid while being inspired by other people’s business success stories – a winning combination.

Most relevant to: Online sellers of all sizes

Frequency: Weekly

Check out:

The top influencers for multi-channel eCommerce sellers

We also asked sellers to share their favorite eCommerce influencers and entrepreneurs who have achieved remarkable success and are an inspiration (and learning resource) to all. Topping the list were…

Steve Chou

Steve Chou has already appeared as the owner of My Wife Quit Her Job, but Steve is much more than his podcast.

Bored with his 9-6:30 job and the monotony of everyday life, Steve’s world changed when his wife fell pregnant, quit her job and together they started Bumblebee Linens – an online business selling handkerchiefs.

And it didn’t stop there – making $100,000 in their first year of trading, Steve began blogging about their experiences and in the meantime built his podcast, online course, and eCommerce conferences into seven figure businesses.

Follow the Chou’s inspirational journey at @mywifequit.

Alaa Hassan

Alla became the head of just six months after starting as a programmer, and took the business to from $1million a year in sales to over $19 million, winning him the title as the most passionate guy in eCommerce.

Aside from encountering a lot of failures and successes in the process, Hassan has also tested numerous software solutions, launched different marketing campaigns, hired and fired, shipped more than five million orders and implemented many systems and processes.

And, he’s still busy – working as a director of digital marketing, the founder of the eCommerce Training Academy, an advisory board member at eTail Canada and RetailGlobal, an eCommerce coach, and a speaker at numerous events.

If busy entrepreneurs are your inspiration, follow Hassan here.

Andrew Youderian

Founder of the six-figure eCommerce club, eCommerceFuel, Andrew Youderian has some impressive businesses behind him. Youderian has run several eCommerce stores in his time, including – the online trolling motor store that sold for an impressive $200K.

Andrew’s experience and passion for taking stores to six and seven figures are reflected in the quality and expert advice he shares with his audiences.

If you’re looking to learn from an expert, follow Youderian at @youderian.

Ezra Firestone

“Several profitable businesses, a loving marriage, an awesome team and a pleasurable, meaningful life.” It’s hard not to be motivated by Ezra Firestone’s journey, that started with moonlighting as an online seller in 2007 and includes multiple businesses and more than $20million in annual revenue.

Firestone is passionate about two things: sharing his eCommerce and marketing experiences and helping entrepreneurs lead a happier and healthier life.

Join Firestone’s journey to a balanced existence at @ezrafirestone.

Greg Mercer

Starting his first business at the age of 10, it was clear that Greg Mercer was going to influence people some day – and here he is.

Greg Mercer is the CEO and founder of Jungle Scout, an FBA sales and data tracker tool built out of Greg’s inkling that little-known was going to be an incredible opportunity for sellers across the world.

In the process, Greg left his corporate job, built a remote team, developed three other software products, raised more than $50k for non-profits, and helped thousands of other businesses in the process.

Follow Greg’s tips and tricks at @mercer_greg.

The top resources for multi-channel eCommerce sellers

And finally, we asked our multi-channel sellers, what their top resources were for accessing eCommerce news, tips, and teachings. The most favorite were:

Social media

Facebook and Twitter topped the polls as the preferred way to stay up-to-date with online retail and digital marketing information (as well as being a great place to connect with other sellers and businesses).


Google is a strong favorite for multi-channel sellers with specific queries about online retail, business strategies, and marketing tips. If you have a question, just type it into the search engine to get thousands of results in milliseconds that you can filter by date, relevance, and location.


The time-strapped among our online sellers prefer insights and updates delivered straight to their inboxes, with newsletter subscriptions that direct you to the best blog posts of the month. The majority of sources featured in this blog offer a newsletter subscription.

Tip: You can get Deliverr’s best articles delivered straight to your inbox by signing up here.

Online marketplace forums

Multi-channel sellers with marketplace-specific queries enjoy the depth of knowledge and support found in online marketplace forums such as the Amazon Seller Forums and the eBay Community.


Last but not least, a valuable learning resource for eCommerce sellers is the customer themselves. Customer feedback is the most insightful resource you can access, learning what your eCommerce business is doing well and how it could perform better from the person whose opinion matters the most. If you’re not actively seeking or listening to your customer feedback, start now.

Key takeaway

There is an incredible amount of information out there for multi-channel eCommerce sellers. Whatever your preferred source, format, or teacher, you can find an information source that will make you a better seller and your business a better venture.

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