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How Ani Energy increased AOV by 12% using Cart Minimums

Ani Energy is an energy drink founded by Bryce Hall and Josh Richards, who have a collective 15 million followers on Instagram and 46 million followers on TikTok. They established their company in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and launched directly with Deliverr. We interviewed Noah Beck, Head of Operations, to learn more about Ani and how they scaled with Deliverr.

Ani Energy showcases the power of influencer marketing combined with smart eCommerce logistics. Read on as Noah shares Ani’s story and explains how fast delivery impacted their conversion rate.

Measuring ROI upfront

Noah first discovered Deliverr through our cost calculator, which they used to estimate their shipping costs and determine their pricing upfront.

Noah noticed that compared to other fulfillment providers who weren’t clear about their pricing model, Deliverr costs were transparent and simple. This helped the Ani Energy team understand unit economics and their ROI from the beginning.

Launching fast and lean

“We were able to ship with positive unit economics from day one.” – Noah Beck, Ani Energy

The Ani team was able to make the decision and get started with Deliverr so quickly because the cost calculator allows you to easily enter in your Amazon product link or your product information, and it’ll show you what you would pay for fulfillment and storage with Deliverr within seconds!

Because Ani Energy launched directly with Deliverr, they were able to get started as quickly as possible, without having to find their own warehouse space or train staff.

In addition to a fast onboarding process and transparent pricing, Deliverr also handled all the fulfillment aspects from the get-go. Ani Energy simply sent in their cases, and Deliverr then distributed their inventory network-wide so it was ready to ship once an order came in.

Fast delivery with minimum order volumes

“Every customer wants two-day delivery, whether they know it or not.” – Noah Beck, Ani Energy

Although Ani Energy knew fast delivery speeds would boost their conversion rate and lead to more sales, they were careful to measure their costs and profits to ensure healthy margins.

They found paying for fast shipping on a single-item order hurt their margins, but saw a 5% to 10% improvement when shipping two cases (in addition to greater sales lift). They could then use those higher margins to give value back to the consumer with faster shipping.

Upon introducing two-day delivery for orders of two cases or more, they experienced a 12% lift in both average order value and average units per order. This boosted their profits per unit, improved their net margins, and helped them push larger economies of scale.

How other Deliverr merchants can use this feature

As some of our merchants may have realized, cart minimums is a new feature from Deliverr! You can now set a minimum order amount for your shoppers in order to unlock fast shipping.

Merchants across the board are seeing this addition result in higher average cart value, better margins, and a better customer experience (especially for items with margins that didn’t allow for fast shipping previously).

The Deliverr experience

Ani Energy was able to launch quickly with Deliverr managing their fulfillment operations. They maintained healthy margins and increased their average cart value thanks to Deliverr’s cart minimums feature. Additionally, Ani Energy customers could access two-day deliveries with a minimum spend, improving the customer experience and generating more sales.

Our mission at Deliverr is to empower the merchants who work with us to create a seamless fulfillment experience to delight their customers, while still maintaining a healthy profit. The Ani Energy story showcases how 2-day delivery rewards the consumer, while cart minimums support the business.

If you’d like to learn how to achieve similar success, contact the Deliverr team today, or get an estimate of your fulfillment pricing with our cost calculator.

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