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How Cheekoo’s Grew Sales 145% by Fulfilling with Deliverr

Learn how partnering with Deliverr helped Cheekoo’s turn a cumbersome fulfillment process into a hassle-free experience.

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About Cheekoo’s

Cheekoo’s isn’t your ordinary eCommerce destination for home goods and gift-giving items.

A small (but mighty) family-run business, Cheekoo’s offers unique, curated products sourced from local artists around the world. Founded in 2020 by Isabel Wang and Shailesh Kumar, the couple had a dream to bring awareness of local artisans to the US market, helping grow their global reach and overall presence.

The name Cheekoo is derived from the popular Indian fruit of the same name which has a humble brown appearance but is known for its sweet flavor and health benefits. Additionally, in Chinese, the name reflects diligence and care—both of which are shown in the company’s mission to promote love, care, and productivity all while providing environmentally conscious products in a sustainable manner.

As the company started to grow and source products from additional artists, Isabel and Shailesh couldn’t keep up with fulfilling orders on their own anymore. Hear more below about how Deliverr was able to help Cheekoo’s meet their fulfillment needs in a cost-effective way, leaving more time to focus on what matters most: sourcing and supporting local artists.

Recognizing the need for sustainable growth

Prior to partnering with Deliverr, Cheekoo’s kicked off its eCommerce presence by selling on Amazon. While this channel helped the company garner visibility and exceed its sales goals in just one year’s time, Cheekoo’s realized they were still fulfilling the bulk of their orders on their own and the channel didn’t align with its mission of supporting local in an environmentally conscious way. 

Moreover, founders Isabel and Shailesh knew that keeping Cheekoo’s products solely within Amazon FBA would deter the company from scaling operations and expanding into new markets (and cost them a lot of money along the way). In short, they needed a 3PL partner that could help foster more sustainable growth. Enter Deliverr.

Increasing sales and SKUs through a hassle-free fulfillment partnership

Fulfillment can be cumbersome, but the experienced team members at Deliverr make it hassle-free. To take the fulfillment responsibility off its own hands, Cheekoo’s moved inventory into the Deliverr network and started selling on two new channels—Walmart and eBay. Although able to drive consistent order volume month-over-month using Deliverr Fast Tags on Walmart (seeing up to an 11.1% boost in sales over 1 month due to the benefit of fast shipping only*), the company was unable to sell it’s more unique, artisan items on this channel. Cheekoo’s was ready to get back to its mission of supporting local artists by shifting focus to its branded store.

Leveraging Deliverr’s Shopify integration in tandem with its branded site, Cheekoo’s was able to increase demand for its products and go from offering roughly 70 SKUs to over 150 in just one month—a 114% overall increase. While Walmart was a catalyst for building brand presence in the market, Cheekoo’s knew its branded site paired with Deliverr’s Shopify integration would be the ultimate driver of long-term growth.

“Deliverr helped us remove the fulfillment bottleneck. By offering a simple setup, detailed help documentation, and human support, we were able to connect our sales channels and start selling with ease.”

–Shaliesh Kumar, Co-founder of Cheekoo’s 

By transitioning more than 90% of its fulfillment services to Deliverr, Cheekoo’s was able to grow its sales by an upwards of 145%.

What’s next for Cheekoo’s

Cheekoo’s current artisan partners include Touchstone Pottery, local to Michigan, and Matr Boomie, local to India. The brand’s goal is to grow the number of artisans they work with to 10-15 in the coming months—sourcing from new countries such as China. With a goal of only selling unique, hand-made goods, the company plans to transition off of Walmart and sell exclusively on its Shopify-enabled site. This will require sending more inventory into the Deliverr network and building out a more diverse Shopify catalog.

How to get started with Deliverr

Deliverr is a leading direct-to-consumer 3PL solution, helping brands not only save on fulfillment costs but to increase sales as well. When partnering with us, the time you once spent maintaining fulfillment can instead be used to focus on long-term growth goals.

We provide merchants of all sizes with an affordable and hassle-free fulfillment experience. With a network powered by sophisticated machine-learning technology, your brand is able to optimize inventory movement across 50+ warehouses in the US. Deliverr powers brands’ real-world customer experience with affordable next-day delivery in every major US metro, industry-leading on-time delivery, and custom services. We want you to feel empowered knowing that you have satisfied customers and in turn, build a profitable business.

If you’d like to achieve similar success to Cheekoo’s, book a meeting with our team of fulfillment experts today to get started.


*Fast Tag boost is the extra sales that merchants get when showing fast shipping badges on their listings. Learn more about our methodology for calculating this boost in sales here.

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