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How to enable Wish Express

Wish Express is the fast shipping program on the popular online marketplace Wish. With significant benefits for you and your customers available, this article will cover why you should be on the program and how to enable Wish Express for your products.

What is Wish Express?

Wish Express is a shipping program that offers express shipping to online shoppers, much like Amazon Prime and Walmart 2-day delivery. Customers buying Wish Express products receive their items within five days, with no minimum spend or monthly membership required. But it’s not only customers who benefit.

Benefits of Wish Express

Online sellers qualifying for Wish Express have exclusive access to the following perks.

Increased impressions

Wish Express products receive up to 10x more exposure on the marketplace, through exclusive promotions and preferential product placement on the website, on the app, and in Wish’s promotional emails. This increases your visibility, which can lead to more clicks, sales, and repeat customers.

Wish Express badge

Wish Express products are accompanied by an orange Wish Express tag in the search results. This badge makes your listings stand out visually from competing products on the platform, while also giving shoppers an easy way to identify products that are guaranteed to be shipped quickly.

Wish Express tab

Shoppers can filter their search results by Wish Express products, or use the Wish Express tab to search Express-only products. This allows customers to find your items quicker while ensuring your listings appear in as many search results as possible.

Faster payments

Sellers qualifying for Wish Express are also eligible for faster payments, improving your cash flow and giving you quicker access to funds for expansion.


The Wish Express badge shows customers that you can deliver products quickly, as approved by Wish. This increases shopper trust in your brand by association and can lead to more sales and positive feedback.


And, customers love fast shipping on Wish, especially if it’s free. Wish Express promotes you as a fast shipping seller, which can result in increased sales and positive customer reviews.

What are the eligibility requirements for Wish Express?

To benefit from Wish Express, you must meet the following qualifications:

  • Fulfillment within 5 working days
  • Confirmation of delivery within 10 working days
  • On-time arrival rate of 95%
  • Pre-fulfillment cancellation rate under 5%
  • Orders accompanied by valid tracking numbers

Once accepted onto the program, you must maintain the following metrics:

  • On-time arrival rate of 90%
  • Pre-fulfillment cancellation rate under 10%

If your performance falls below these KPIs, Wish will suspend you from the program until you re-meet the requirements and re-apply. If Wish suspends your three times, your account will be permanently removed from Wish Express.

Alternatively, Deliverr customers can use Deliverr to fulfill Wish Express orders and get guaranteed seller protection.

How to enable Wish Express

You can enable and set up Wish Express directly from the Wish Merchant Dashboard.

Tip: Are you a Deliverr merchant? Learn more about how to manage Wish Express through Deliverr here.

1. Sign up for Wish Express

Go to Account > Wish Express > Join Wish Express, and follow the on-screen prompts to confirm that you meet the requirements and accept the qualifications and terms.

2. Add a Wish Express warehouse

Go to Products > View All Products and click on the plus (+) symbol to add a Wish Express warehouse. Confirm the warehouse details, including which states you can ship to in the required time.

3. Add products to your Wish Express warehouse

Note: If you work with Deliverr, you don’t need to add inventory to your Wish Express warehouse, because we do that as part of the integration.

For non-Deliverr merchants, add products to your Wish Express warehouse by adjusting the relevant inventory and shipping prices for each product on the Wish Express warehouse tab. You will see an orange Wish Express truck badge appear under the Product ID for each product added to the program.

How Wish Express works

Once you’re accepted onto Wish Express, eligible incoming orders are marked with a Wish Express tag under the View Product (SKU) column.

Tip: If you’re a Deliverr merchant, you can access Wish Express through your seller portal. Here’s how to connect Wish and Deliverr.

You must send customers a valid tracking number, and then fulfill orders within 5 working days, which are confirmed as delivered by the carrier within 10 working days. If you request address verification from the customer via the Verify Address feature, the delivery timeframe is extended by up to 48 hours.

Failure to deliver or confirm delivery within these timeframes results in an automatic customer refund, a $50 auto-refund penalty, and potential disabling of the product. You will also be penalized with a 20% order value penalty (or $5, whichever is greater). You can read more about the penalties for non-compliance here.

You can also track your Wish Express performance from the Merchant Dashboard, via Wish Express Performance.

How to fulfill Wish Express orders

With such big consequences for failing to meet the Wish Express delivery requirements, it’s important to choose the right fulfillment method for your business. You have three options:

1. Fulfillment by Wish

Fulfillment by Wish is Wish’s own fulfillment service that stores, picks, packs, and ships customer orders for you. This is a popular option with high-volume, Wish-only sellers who don’t have the capacity or functionality to fulfill orders in-house. However, note that Fulfillment by Wish does not offer multi-channel fulfillment.

2. Seller-fulfilled

You can fulfill orders yourself in-house, by storing, picking, packaging, and shipping products yourself. This is a preferred option for new or smaller retailers who want to retain control over shipping, packaging, and external spend, and who have the resources to meet the Wish Express shipping requirements internally.

3. Outsourced fulfillment partner

An outsourced fulfillment provider like Deliverr can automatically qualify you for Wish Express by storing, picking, packing, and shipping customer orders within the required timeframes. This is a great option for multi-channel sellers who want to meet the eligibility requirements for other fast shipping programs on Wish, Amazon, Walmart, and eBay, and access competitive shipping and packaging rates.

Tip: Use our cost calculator to preview your fulfillment pricing with Deliverr.

And that’s how you enable Wish Express to start increasing your impressions, conversions, and customer numbers on the marketplace. It’s a hugely beneficial program that’s a must for sellers that can meet the delivery standards in-house or via an outsourced fulfillment provider.

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