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Smart ways to increase your sales with Facebook ads

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Whether it’s you, your sister, or your cool uncle, Facebook and Instagram are betting that social media-goers will not only scroll through their feeds but also empty their wallets.

With the social media giants’ dedicated shop features, it’s more important than ever for eCommerce sellers to invest in Facebook ads and capture untapped audiences.

All Deliverr sellers have access to the 2-day and Next Day badge on their Facebook ads. Deliverr pilot merchants saved 50% in Facebook Cost-Per-Action for 2-day and more than 62% for NextDay advertisements on average.

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How should you gear up your Facebook ads to their highest potential?

After interviewing some top performing 8 and 9-figure sellers and ad experts, we’ve compiled this handy guide for you!

Step 1: Before you start, make sure you track these numbers

Keep track of these metrics in a Google spreadsheet

Click-through-rate (CTR): This is defined as the number of clicks on a link or advertisement per number of impressions. Use this to see how effective your messaging is on a single ad. For example, if ad A has a CTR of 4% and B has 2%, then ad A looks more convincing to potential buyers.

Cost-per-action (CPA): This is the cost that it takes to complete an action such as a view, lead or sale. For example, if you spent $150 on a campaign and got 5 sales, then your CPA is $30. Use this number to evaluate the overall effectiveness of a campaign.

Return on ad spend (ROAS): This is your revenue divided by ad spend cost. This metric tells how much you’re receiving in revenue for each dollar spent on advertising. This metric, on a campaign level, lets you know how much it’s working. Be sure to benchmark this number and base it off of your own trends. A good ROAS for one business may be different than a ROAS for another!

Pay less attention to:

  • Likes
  • Followers
  • Relevance score

Don’t fall into the trap of gauging only likes and followers! They don’t inform you of actual engagement with ads, and anybody can purchase followers these days.

Relevance scores show how much a certain ad set relates to the demographic of your target audience, but doesn’t tell you anything about the quality of your ad creative or the copy.

Step 2: Build a strong, organic following

Although not absolutely necessary to achieve sales, it doesn’t hurt to kick off a few brand awareness campaigns to build up your social media clout! Never buy followers or likes — grow them organically, so you have real audiences to work with.

For some of these examples, we’ll be learning from a brand called Hey Dude Shoes, which went from 0 to 8-figures with a killer marketing strategy.

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Create giveaway contests that relevant to your customer’s lifestyle

Would you want to win $10k to travel around the world?

Take a few pages out of 8-figure brand Hey Dude Shoes playbook and go the giveaway route. Thanks to organic efforts like social media contests, Hey Dude Shoes Digital Marketing Manager Steven Yu amassed more than 145k followers on Instagram, and more than 220k followers and likes on the shoe brand’s Facebook page.

Be thoughtful about the giveaway. Think outside the box, rather than giving away few of your products for free. Instead, think about the lifestyle of the buyer. If you can’t afford to dish out $10k, bundle a few items together and form a lifestyle-oriented package.

For example, a face cream company could hand out free spa sessions. A toy company could curate a box of games plus a free kitchen category item, as stay-at-home mothers are likely the purchasers of the product.

Whatever it is, the giveaway should make the potential buyer buzz with excitement! If you’re short on budget, recommend testing out a few lighter giveaways first, and then going big with the one that converts the best. 

Run a referral or ambassador program

There’s a reason why ambassador and referral programs are popular with any successful brand. 

Who wouldn’t want a company to pay off their student loans? That’s why Hey Dude Shoes ran a college ambassador program that grants $25k to the top two winners who sell the most product. 

The earning potential expands the pool of your ambassador “superfans.” Even if they may not use your product, the prize may be alluring enough that they’d still rave about it within their social circles. That’s extra time and effort that you will not need to put into your business to acquire these customers!

Don’t have the funds to do a large giveaway? Make sure there’s something in it for both the referrers and their friends. For example, the referrer receives a buy one get one free deal or a shoutout in an Instagram story, and each friend they refer receives $15 off.  

Step 3: Convert, convert, convert

Now, it’s time to laser-focus on the audience that you’ve built from your brand awareness efforts. Reel them and convert them at the point of social media discovery with a few tips.

1) Make sure your ad is visually stunning off the bat

Being that Facebook is epicenter of distraction, you want to make sure that your ad sticks out and holds the customer’s attention.

Follow these best practices:

  • Use a person of your target audience demographic in your ad. It might go without saying, but make sure they look expressive, and happy! 
  • Use a video shorter than a minute long to capture the buyer’s attention. Videos tend to convert better than images, but it’s good to test both types of creatives anwyay. 
  • Display the function of the product, if relevant. For example, if you’re selling a hair curler, make sure it’s demonstrated on someone with luscious locks, with before and after effects. 
Photo Credit: Hey Dude Shoes, Instagram

2) Add fast shipping badges on your ads

Consumers today expect 2-day and next day delivery, so when you highlight it on your ads it helps to convert casual shoppers into customers. Hey Dude Shoes knows this, and has implemented fast shipping promises into their Facebook ads strategy.

The ad below from Hey Dude Shoes shows free next day delivery in the text of the ad as well as the ad itself. The second ad highlights free 2-day delivery in bold as the ad title.

Hey Dude Shoes uses Deliverr to get nationwide 2-day delivery, which means their Facebook ads can dynamically show 2-day and, where possible, next day delivery to their audience, depending on where their shoppers are browsing from.

As a result, they were able to boost conversions and reduce their cost per action on their 2-day and next-day promise ads.

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3) Test custom and lookalike audiences

Need to build a fan base? Facebook allows you to slice down audiences in many different ways: geotargeting, interests, custom audiences — but when in doubt, test lookalike audiences.

Lookalike audiences are a powerful tool that allows you to upload a unique customer list. Then, let Facebook’s algorithm conduct its magic, and hyper-target the best people that “look alike” your current customers.

Upload a current customer list and use the 1% lookalike audience feature for the most precise group. If your budget allows for it, you can always test this against 2% and 3% to see what your results are.

Step 4: Reiterate and retarget

Round up engagement on previous ads whenever possible

Are you more likely to click on an ad of a product that has 200 likes or 12,000? There’s a way to keep that social clout high! When you create a new ad, select “duplicate.” You will then have the option to carry prior engagement into new ads, and therefore likes and shares.

The caveat is that you wouldn’t be able to change the ad itself because Facebook considers it a new ad. So ensure the ad doesn’t contain a promotion that will expire within the time frame of your campaign and use evergreen language.

Engage in “social stacking” for social proof

After you find a winner for one of your ads, you can participate in a cool trick called “social stacking” at no extra cost. Here, you’ll deploy the winning ad across all of your ad sets while retaining the stacked likes and shares of each ad set without needing to fish for new engagement.

To do this:

  • Open your Facebook Ads Manager
  • Go to the ad tab, and select “edit”
  • Scroll down to “Ad Preview” then go to the “Share Preview” button in the top right corner, and select Facebook post with comments.

  • This will open a link in the new page. Highlight the second string of numbers after “post”.

  • Create a new adset (or an old existing one), and select the “Use Existing Post” option. Paste in the ID.

Ensure that the existing winning ad falls under all of your ad sets. Voila! Now watch the engagement shoot through the roof.

Install a Messenger checkbox under the add to cart button on your website

There’s a reason why $500 million retailers like Fashion Nova are pioneering this trend. By adding a simple checkbox to opt a buyer into Facebook messenger, you also tap into an intimate mode of communication.

Think about how many unread emails are in your personal inbox — possibly hundreds. Even if you’re on a newsletter list, will one more email stand out? Likely not.

Facebook Messenger is an application with conversations primarily between friends that you’ve already added to your network. You can use Manychat, a Facebook messenger chatbot builder for your eCommerce business, to not only breathe personality into your brand but also cover the following:

  • Promotions
  • Customer service help
  • Check on order status
  • Provide frequently asked questions, and much more.

As a best practice, you’d want to build out three types of interactions: frequently asked questions or customer service, order status, and promotions.

Target buyers who abandoned their carts with ads

70% of users who browse your website are likely to purchase an item if they’re retargeted with a display ad, according to a Wishpond study.

This means you should harness Facebook retargeting ads strategically to nudge the buyer back towards the purchase. These are top-quality leads. They were only one step away from clicking “buy”!

Now’s your chance to give buyers one last nudge.

  • Go to Facebook Business Manager
  • Select Audiences, and create a Custom Audience
  • Select “Website Traffic”

You can now create ads that target users who “added to cart” within the past X amount of days. The shorter the time frame you fill in, the more effective your audience. Don’t give your shoppers enough time to forget about their purchase. You’re better off targeting them while their intent to purchase is still hot! A good time frame is 4 days or less.

These ads will display to buyers on Facebook, and remind them that they’ve left something in their cart. Add a small promotion for extra oomph, such as free shipping or $5-10 off their purchase to nudge them towards purchase.

Reach out to purchasers with Facebook Messenger

Other than breathing personality and automated customer service into your brand, you’re missing out if you don’t retarget your buyers using Facebook messenger.

Create a promotion along with personalized messages, such as the below paired with a visually appealing image to reel buyers in again. Customers will receive the message, click on the call-to-action button, and be directed to your website automatically.

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