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Increase Shopify Sales by 34% With Ultra-Fast Shipping

Customer acquisition costs are at an all-time high. While the reasons for this uptick may be different per product category, there are a few key factors impacting the broader retail industry:

1. Proliferation of channels
2. Regulatory iOS changes and privacy concerns
3. Increased competition
4. Post-pandemic inflation

In a time of rising customer acquisition costs, we’ve seen brands experiment with creative tactics to increase conversions and sales on their Shopify-enabled sites, such as leveraging customer testimonials, implementing virtual shopping experiences, and tapping into psychology tricks.

But even these innovative approaches aren’t enough on their own. Shipping costs and speed are among the five vital components that affect Shopify conversions. In fact, more than 90% of U.S. online consumers now expect free 2- to 3-day shipping.

The secret to offsetting customer acquisition costs and increasing Shopify sales is simple: offer ultra-fast shipping.

What is customer acquisition cost?

Without getting too in the weeds, let’s take a look at a simple formula that may (or may not) be familiar:

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) = total marketing costs / total # of new customers acquired

This includes the cost of producing, storing, and shipping items that a customer purchases. Having a positive customer acquisition cost is often viewed as the only way for your business to be successful. Other factors can also have a direct impact on your CAC, including:

• Warehousing
• Labor

Why are customer acquisition costs increasing?

Customer acquisition costs are now shockingly 60% higher for B2C brands than they were just six years ago. We can attribute this spike to a few key reasons:

1. Proliferation of channels: Customer preferences have evolved to include video, chat, text, and social, which means your strategies must now implement a strategic omnichannel approach to meet customers at every touchpoint.

2. iOS privacy changes: Digital and social users want more control and transparency over how your brand uses their data across channels.

3. Increased competition: Digitalization has lessened barriers to entry for new brands. What once required large sums of capital investments can be done using existing solutions and software. More brands in the space means more money being spent on trying to win over customers from your competitors.

4. Post-pandemic inflation: With prices skyrocketing across all industries due to inflation, a significant amount of consumers (53% to be exact) are reducing their spend and are more apprehensive about buying outside their means.

Tackle customer acquisition costs head-on with Shopify Fast Tags

Lower your customer acquisition costs and increase Shopify sales with a fast delivery promise. Shopify Fast Tags are fast delivery badges enabled on your Shopify site’s product details pages. Designed to enhance the shopper’s experience and increase sales for your business, these dynamic service level agreements (SLAs) allow your customers the option to receive orders as quickly as 1, 2, or 3 days.

Example of what Shopify Fast Tags look like
Deliverr Fast Tags: Free 1-day, 2-day, and 3-day shipping

A recent analysis of our merchants reveals that consumers are more likely to place an order from your Shopify site when fast delivery is available. In fact, Deliverr merchants across popular categories see an average sales lift of 34% when Shopify Fast Tags are enabled versus not:

• Home: +66%
• Food: +63%
• Apparel: +44%
• Beauty/ personal care: +40%
• Baby: +23%

What are other benefits of Fast Tags in addition to driving conversions?

Build brand credibility and trust through reliable delivery

When providers fail to meet SLAs for your business, your customers’ delivery expectations are also missed. Shopify Fast Tags allow you to exceed consumers’ expectations with consistent deliveries that arrive by the promised delivery date. When using the 3-day Fast Tag option, we currently promise a 93% on-time delivery rate so you can build credibility and trust with your customers.

Reach more customers with high coverage availability

Consumers expect a fast and easy delivery experience no matter where they live. Shopify Fast Tags offer 1, 2, and 3-day delivery options to a large majority of the U.S. Reach more customers and secure more sales with high shipping coverage availability:

• 1-day: 22% of U.S. population reached
• 2-day: 56% of U.S. population reached
• 3-day: 82% of U.S. population reached

Enjoy flexible options based on your specific business needs

Choose from two different kinds of Fast Tags to enable on your Shopify site:

1. Cart Minimums

Cart Minimum Fast Tags encourage customers to increase their average order value (AOV) by offering free shipping when their cart reaches a certain dollar amount. You can also set a price for customers to pay for fast shipping regardless of their cart size.

See how Ani Energy leveraged Cart Minimum Fast Tags to boost sales by 19%

Example of merchant Ani Energy using Fast Tags
Ani Energy: Free 2-day delivery Fast Tag badge on product listing

2. Paid Fast Tags

This feature allows you, the merchant, to pass 100% of the shipping cost to your buyer. This gives them the flexibility to decide if they want to pay for fast shipping or not. This option is typically more feasible for merchants who are looking to save on shipping costs.

PRO TIP: you can turn off Fast Tags at any time for low-value products or unpopular listings.

How do Shopify Fast Tags work?

Shopify Fast Tags are automatically generated on your product listings based on a few key factors:

• Nearest on-hand inventory: if your inventory is located in a fulfillment center located at one of our key origin hubs (Dallas Fort Worth, Atlanta, Newark, Los Angeles, Chicago, or San Francisco).

• Transit time reliability: How well carriers are performing across SLAs. We determine the likelihood of a carrier delivering a package on time from city A to city B within the designated time frame. If the likelihood exceeds 98%, then we entrust that carrier to deliver the order.

• Outbound cost estimate: How much it will cost to fulfill the order.

PRO TIP: Maximize Shopify Fast Tag coverage by ensuring your inventory units are in-stock in all five key areas of the Deliverr fulfillment network (the Midwest, Northeast, Southeast, Texas, and the West Coast) and creating regular forwarding inbounds at our cross docks. Additionally, replenish inventory before it depletes using the ‘popular SKUs to replenish’ feature within the Merchant Dashboard in your Seller Portal account.

Increase your Shopify sales by 34%

The next time you’re struggling to lower your customer acquisition costs, consider enhancing your customer experience with a fast shipping promise via Shopify Fast Tags. Learn more about Shopify Fast Tags, or talk to a Deliverr expert to see how you can start to grow your Shopify sales today.

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