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Why you should use Listing Mirror + Deliverr for your Walmart store

This is a guest post from Listing Mirror. Listing Mirror is a multi-channel eCommerce platform, helping you Sell More. Work Less. Our aim is to simplify your processes so you can focus on what’s important to you. We love solving your multi-channel eCommerce puzzles, so bring us your doozies and we’ll be happy to come up with a solution for you!

Walmart has changed the way people shop. In 2018, the retailer broke ground by incorporating virtual reality, automated assistants, and launching several handheld apps. Walmart stores across the country are focused on delivering on their promise to make shopping easier for their customers. They are using technology to power better, faster experiences for consumers across around the globe.

In order to accomplish this goal, they have implemented new policies and procedures in regards to how vendors function within their supply chain. Recently, they updated their ecommerce strategy to demand that vendors meet their new two-day shipping requirement.  This was done in an attempt to compete with Amazon, who has been a long-standing rival of the brand for the past 15 years.

We know that Deliverr offers fast, affordable fulfillment options. When you partner Deliverr with Listing Mirror (combining listing management, order fulfillment, inventory synching and warehouse management services in one platform), your eCommerce business is bound to grow exponentially.

Walmart’s 2-Day Shipping Requirement

In January 2017, Walmart launched its fast shipping program, in response to Amazon Prime. However, the retail giant only opened its marketplace up to sellers in October 2018. Just like Amazon Prime, Walmart offers a quick and simple shipping experience. However, what sets the two brands apart is that Walmart’s 2-day shipping program does not require membership service or fees.

The Walmart Marketplace gets 110 million visitors, which presents a powerful opportunity for vendors looking to expand their customer base.

If you are a seller looking to join Walmart’s extensive network of vendors, you will be required to configure your settings and items for two-day shipping. Below are the steps for enabling seller-fulfillment:

  1. Select which items to include in your collection: You have the option to incorporate your entire catalog or select only a few items.
  1. Indicate the included regions and states.
  1. Lag time: Lag time should be set to 0 for all items that are included in 2-day shipping using the Lag Time Spec Excel file found in Seller Center (NOT via the Inventory Spec). Any items with a lag time other than 0 will be excluded from the program.

After each of these steps is completed, customers who reside in the states you’ve selected will be able to see the 2-day tags on

Learn more about Walmart’s fast shipping program here.

Depending on what vertical you are in, Walmart may ask you to become a vendor or a seller on and its affiliate websites (,,, However, these particular offerings are extremely rare.

Once you submit the appropriate documentation, the Walmart Marketplace team will review your application (which could take up to two weeks), and a Business Development Manager will contact you and guide you through the verification process.

Once you are approved, you’ll sign the Retailer Agreement and start onboarding, which typically takes up to four weeks.

How to Qualify As A Seller

There are a few qualities that Walmart will look for when deciding which vendors will be a good fit for joining their marketplace:


This is determined based on a seller’s brand awareness, brand equity, and other factors that reflect positively on a brand’s place within its industry. It also pays to have excellent customer service and fast, dependable fulfillment.

Sales Projections

Your sales history and forecast will play an important role in determining if you are a good fit for Walmart’s Marketplace. The retailer also wants to work with brands that have a unique product assortment and competitive pricing. Experts have guessed that $500k is the cutoff point, but there have also been several exceptions to this rule.

Alignment with Walmart’s values

A spokesperson for Walmart eCommerce stated that “ is an invitation only marketplace. We select sellers based on experience, scale and reputation related quality of assortment, strength of pricing, and customer service track record.” Therefore, understanding what Walmart values and what you can bring to the marketplace can significantly increase your chances of being successful.

It can take several months to get approved.  If you aren’t approved, it’s likely you won’t hear conclusively for several months, so it is important to remain patient throughout the selection process.

Tip: Deliverr sellers get priority onboarding support. Learn more at

Benefits Of Listing With Walmart

Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping provides consumers with free expedited shipping with no minimum order requirement for marketplace listings. Customers enjoy the benefits of free shipping, in-store returns at any Walmart location (even if the product was purchased from a third-party vendor), and faster shipping.

Sellers also benefit from better conversion rates, higher search rankings, fast shipping tags across the site, and filtering options that help cut down on competition.

On the other hand, enrolling in Walmart’s two-day shipping program can be costly for sellers. Furthermore, sellers are required to follow strict guidelines to meet account metrics. Unlike which offers FBA choices, third party sellers on are completely responsible for fulfillment, including managing and supporting customer service inquiries, shipping, exchanges, and returns.

While this will entail additional work on the seller’s behalf, it allows them to have more control over the fulfillment process.

Why Fast Shipping Is Key

When a shopper places an online order at, the order is added to the seller’s queue, located in the Seller Center platform. The order will contain all of the pertinent information for shipping the item to the customer. It is the seller’s responsibility to constantly check their queue for any new orders and make sure that they are promptly and properly fulfilled. If a seller is using the API, Walmart expects for vendors to acknowledge an order within one hour.

Fast shipping is crucial because not only do sellers not get paid until the item has shipped, but it is also important to ship quickly to maintain your metrics.

Working Together for Better eCommerce

Listing Mirror and Deliverr can work together to help sellers in Walmart’s online marketplace integrate their services with the retailer’s two-day shipping program. Together, we can offer a robust technologies that include deverything from listing management and order fulfillment, to inventory synching and warehouse management.

At Listing Mirror, we are devoted to streamlining inventory management, so that you can be sure that your customers get what they need when they need it, across multiple platforms. We also ensure that shipping standards are met so that you can focus your energy on continuing to grow your business.

We’re here to help you sell more so you can work less. Reach out to us today to learn more!

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