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8 Awesome Shopify upsell apps

You’ve invested a lot of time in finding the right theme, perfecting your SEO, and mastering Google Ads for your Shopify store. So it makes sense to optimize your store for maximum sales per visitor.

To help you do this, we’ve taken a look at a few different upsell apps for your Shopify store, and are sharing some awesome ones we found here.

The power of upselling

Upselling is the process of marketing additional products to a customer already completing a purchase. In physical retail stores, you’ll see upselling occur at checkout counters, where tempting items like candies and necessities like batteries are displayed along the queue. Online, upselling can take place on the product page, in pop-ups, at the checkout, and post-purchase.

According to Sumo, upselling can increase revenue by an average of 10-30% and is 68% more affordable than acquiring a new customer. All of this should make upselling an essential part of your eCommerce sales strategy to boost sales and increase marketing ROI. But successful upselling requires more than displaying a few additional products on the checkout page.

8 Shopify upsell apps to test out

To make upselling simpler and more effective, there are many Shopify upsell apps that can help personalize recommendations and display them throughout your store.

1. Personalizer by LimeSpot

(Source: Shopify)

Combining your full catalog data with cross-web consumer buying behaviors, Personalizer delivers real-time, AI-powered recommendations to each of your customers. This results in highly relevant upsell recommendations that are more likely to convince customers to increase their basket size.

Personalizer by LimeSpot has been ranked #1 in global eCommerce personalization technology, delivering a 28% average revenue boost and 5% average increase in order size.

Features include a native visual editor, user curation options, and A/B/n testing.

Price: From $10 per month

Free trial: 15 days

2. Frequently Bought Together

(Source: Shopify)

Frequently Bought Together delivers Amazon-like recommended products to your Shopify store within seconds.

The plug and play app analyzes previous purchases in your Shopify database to produce a memory graph that combines commonly bought together products. When a customer visits a product page, a bundle of related products is automatically displayed, encouraging the users to add multiple items to their basket.

Features include full customization, review integration, and automatic bundle discounting.

Price: $6.99 per month

Free trial: 30-days

Tip: Learn more about how bundling can help increase sales in our guide on Bundling best practices

3. Bold Upsell 

(Source: Shopify)

Bold Upsell powers you to upsell and cross-sell anywhere on your Shopify store using pop-ups.

When a customer adds a product to their basket, they are immediately taken to a cross-sell pop-up that enables them to add additional items to their basket directly from the pop-up, or an upsell pop-up that allows them to upgrade their product.

You can also use Bold Upsell to create an upsell funnel that displays up to three rounds of different items.

Features include AI product recommendations, full design control, and integration with Google Analytics.

Price: From $9.99 per month

Free trial: 14-days

4. Reconvert

(Source: Shopify)

StilyoApps believes that your post-checkout thank you page is the ideal place to upsell products, which where Reconvert comes in.

Reconvert allows you to optimize your Shopify store’s thank you page and order status page for upselling and cross-selling. With the drag-and-drop editor, you can make relevant product recommendations that encourage your customers to amend their order post-purchase and add additional products.

Features include a reorder button, review integration, and full analytics.

Price: From free

Free trial: 30-days

5. Upsell Recommendations

(Source: Shopify)

Upsell Recommendations is the only 100% free, Amazon-like product recommendation app for Shopify stores, making it a popular app for new and small online sellers.

The fully automated tool generates personalized product recommendations on your home, product, and shopping cart pages. This helps you upsell relevant products throughout the customer journey, using data on bestsellers, category bestsellers, and popular items.

Features include a customizable design, customizable position, and integration with other apps.

Price: Free

6. Smart Search & Instant Search

(Source: Shopify)

Smart Search & Instant Search is an all-in-one solution that drives product upsells through your Store’s search function.

The app is used by successful brands, including Durex, Phillips, and Levi’s, to display relevant suggested products as customers begin typing into the search bar.

In addition, Smart Search & Instant Search can be used to create recommendation blocks of new, similar, and popular products across your website.

Features include reporting functionality, built-in style editor, and API documentation.

Price: From free

Free trial: 14-days

7. Also Bought

(Source: Shopify)

Also Bought is the sister app of Frequently Bought Together, allowing you to supercharge your upsell strategy by displaying intelligent recommended products.

This app uses Affinity Analysis to analyze previous purchases and generate product recommendations that customers might also be interested in. They’re then displayed in a product slider that appears when a customer visits a product page.

Features include a fully customizable interface, an ‘add to cart’ button, and comparison prices.

Price: From $9.99 per month

Free trial: 30-days

8. Smart Bundle Upsell

(Source: Shopify)

Smart Bundle Upsell is a fully-supported Shopify upsell app that tracks every item in a user’s cart, alongside their browsing method, to create the most targeted upsell possible. This reliable app also offers advanced customization, including the ability to bundle products, tailor upsells to your user’s shopping experience, and even gamify the process. And, the best part is that you can get set up within 30 seconds.

Features include 24-hour support, easy setup, and integrated customer rewards.

Price: $27 per month

Free trial: 7-days

While these apps can help you implement upselling in your Shopify store, while keeping your customers your top priority. This means ensuring that all of your recommendations are genuinely helpful, come with great customer reviews, and are backed by outstanding customer service.

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