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Walmart listing optimization quick wins

If you’re trying to grow your business on Walmart and wondering what the “secret sauce” is, here are our top suggestions for the changes you can make on your own, right now, to see an immediate increase in listing performance.

Add enhanced content on Walmart

Videos, interactive product tours, inlaid features, comparison charts, and other rich media similar to Amazon’s EBC/A+ listings are all available on Walmart!

This impacts SEO and elevates your placement in customer search results (SERP), so you’ll increase traffic to the page and also increase conversion once a customer is in the listing. On average, we’ve seen a 10-20% increase in conversion rate with enhanced content.

Deliverr has partnered with Walmart-endorsed enhanced content provider RichContext. To get started, email and let them know your Deliverr account username. Their pricing starts at $120 per listing and is absolutely worth it if you’re in a competitive vertical or your product type benefits from added explanation.

RichContext has also agreed to give Deliverr sellers free access to a metrics dashboard showing what customers are doing when they open your specific listings (dwell time, content engagement, clicks, etc). These are incredibly beneficial insights that they typically charge $3,000 per year for.

Utilize sponsored listings

If you’re a Deliverr seller, as soon as you were/are approved as a Walmart seller you should receive an email about registering for their ads platform. This program is called Walmart Performance Ads, and helps your product appear across the site for specified search terms.

I highly recommend testing these CPC ads, as we’ve seen nice improvements on impressions and traffic to listings. The self-serve platform allows you to set your budget and enabling sponsored listings to populate at the top of search results page. If you never received the email, please email with your Deliverr seller id and request access.

Add product reviews

Overall, there are not many reviews on Walmart currently, so adding them can be a big advantage. Deliverr sellers receive special pricing for test unit review through Bazaarvoice, the only Walmart endorsed review company. This is an easy way to get 10-15+ reviews and jump ahead of competitors.

Deliverr sellers get 15% off sample unit reviews with code “WALMART15” and can check out here.

Pricing parity strategy

We recommend pricing your Walmart listings to match Amazon whenever possible to avoid being delisted. It can be challenging with varying fulfillment rates and margins, but often the first thing a Walmart customer does when checking out is compare to the price on Amazon. Even a $0.01 difference can lead to lost conversion on Walmart and a high likelihood of no conversion at all during the customer’s shopping transition from viewing one marketplace to another, so you’re losing on Walmart and Amazon in this case.

Use the right keywords

When creating your keywords in Walmart seller center (or your listing tool) on the SKU level, there are far less restrictions than Amazon, so we recommend filling these with as many search terms as possible and even use competing brands or indirect correlations on your product.

Follow best practices

The most fundamental improvement is to make sure that you have a clean and concise title, features, and description in your listing paired with at least 3-5+ high resolution images.

To learn more about listing optimization, we’ve compiled a few resources:

Very few sellers are taking this much initiative on Walmart, so the combination of all our tips above will help put you ahead of on the marketplace, and position you to grow alongside this rapidly expanding platform.

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