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Walmart’s new website rewards items with fast shipping

Walmart's new website rewards items with fast shipping

Walmart has rolled out a sleek new website design that rewards sellers for shipping quickly. Here’s what built up to the new design, the significance of Walmart 2-day shipping, and how it affects sellers.

Walmart has long emphasized their 2-day shipping to stay competitive with marketplaces like Amazon and eBay for a while. Unlike Amazon Prime, Walmart does not require buyers to buy a membership to get 2-day free shipping.

Here is a snapshot of their previous website design with 2-day shipping clearly displayed.

Old website with Walmart 2-day shipping prominently displayed

The new, clean redesign has kept their fast shipping prominent. Walmart’s new website design makes it incredibly easy for buyers to filter by 2-day shipping, straight from the homepage. Out of all the filters, 2-day shipping is highlighted in green and at the top of the list.

Walmart 2-day shipping accessible from the new homepage


Deliverr integrates directly into Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping. Enable your fast shipping tags today.


It also shows 2-day shipping options in search results themselves. Take a look at how 2-day shipping is shown in bright orange and blue when we search for a “mop” in Walmart.

Prominent fast shipping filter in new website

New website gives preference to products with Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping

When searching for “Mop” in their old website, without adding any filters, we see 5 out of 10 results feature the 2-day shipping tag.

Old website search results for Mop

When searching for “Mop” in their new website, without adding any filters, we see 10 out of 10 results all have the 2-day shipping tag.


Read how a Deliverr seller landed the Walmart Buy Box after enabling 2-day shipping


Note that these are the results for “Show all,” not just “2-day shipping.” We have to scroll down to the third row to see a single product that doesn’t offer 2-day shipping.

New website search results for Mop

What does this mean for sellers?

All signs point to Walmart making 2-day shipping a norm. This is a great opportunity for sellers to differentiate themselves on by offering 2-day shipping to their customers. If sellers do that, we believe their Walmart sales will go up as it will allow them to highlight their products side-by-side with Walmart’s owned inventory.

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