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What is, and how does it work?

Want to get your products in front of hundreds of millions of consumers? The Wish online marketplace is a tremendously popular and growing sales channel for online shopping and selling.

Now that Deliverr and Wish have partnered to offer even more merchants access to Wish Express, we’re helping you get to know the sales channel a little better, with an introduction to Wish and how it works for sellers.

Get 2-day delivery on Wish, exclusively through Deliverr

What is Wish?

Wish is a high-growth mobile-first online marketplace that allows shoppers to browse and buy items from third-party sellers. It was founded in San Francisco back in 2010 by Peter Szulczewski and Danny Zhang, and has since become popular across the world, thanks to the following notable features and benefits.

1) Shopping experience

Shoppers download the Wish app or visit the website to receive a scrolling shopping feed, personalized to each user’s browsing and buying behavior. This customized feed makes the marketplace highly engaging and addictive for shoppers while making it easy for sellers to get their products in front of new and relevant audiences.

2) Mobile commerce

Much of Wish’s success is down to its mobile-first functionality. Mobile commerce is growing at a rate three times faster than traditional eCommerce, and with the Wish app ranking #1 and #2 on Google Play and Apple App Store respectively, it is a go-to shopping channel for many users.

Wish’s developers took inspiration from the engagement generated by Instagram’s infinite feed and Facebook’s mobile games to build a highly-addictive app that’s useful on-the-go, on the sofa, or in bed.

3) Customers

Wish boasts more than 300 million customers across over 120 different countries. It is particularly popular among younger audiences, with Millennials and Gen Z representing 60% of its customers. However, the intuitive shopping feed makes the platform fresh, relevant, and engaging for all ages.

4) Active users

Shoppers are also very active on the platform. More than 10 million users place more than 2 million orders per day, with the average customer spending 20 minutes on the app daily.

5) Products

Wish’s customized customer homepage makes it easy for customers to navigate, browse, and buy from a wide range of products without becoming frustrated. Wish is predominantly known for niche products and budget items, spanning categories including beauty, fashion, electronics, gadgets, and more. From the affordable and bizarre to the useful and expensive, Wish has it all.

6) Sellers

Wish has 200,000 merchants, meaning that there is a big enough product selection to attract customers, but not too many sellers that your products cannot compete.

7) Promotions

Wish is very active in promoting the app and its third-party sellers. Wish regularly runs promotional campaigns on the marketplace and external advertising campaigns using platforms such as Facebook and the NBA to drive traffic and conversions.

8) Marketing tactics

You might know Wish from some of its more creative marketing tactics, such as gamification. The app can suggest products that leave some mystery for shoppers to compel them to share on social media and click and learn more. Once a customer clicks through, they become hooked on the feed, scrolling for an average of 20 minutes per day.

9) Psychological tactics

Wish uses a combination of psychological tactics to generate clicks, engagement, and sales. For example, the shopping feed displays no product titles, which intrigues a shopper’s natural curiosity and entices them to click listings and find out more.

Gamification elements such as the Blitz Buy wheel appeal to a shopper’s competitive streak and drive conversions when they “win”. Secret discounts create intrigue and convince shoppers to add more items to their basket to unlock deals – at which point they’re more likely to convert to take advantage. Shopping on Wish isn’t a chore – it’s an experience. 

10) Reviews

Finally, Wish receives 500,000 reviews per day – far more than Amazon and eBay. These reviews help shoppers establish trust and overcome fears about buying from the marketplace, making them more likely to convert and return. 

What can you buy and sell on Wish?

Wish has a seemingly endless inventory – if you can think of a product, you can almost certainly buy it on Wish. 

The app is predominantly known for niche products and budget items, spanning categories such as beauty, fashion, electronics, gadgets, and more.

However, premium and expensive products exist on Wish, too, including refurbished electronics and authentic brands, verified by Wish’s Brand Directory

How long does it take to get items from Wish?

In conjunction with its rock-bottom prices and wide product selection, shoppers also know Wish for its slow shipping speeds. 87% of Wish sellers ship directly from China, meaning customers usually wait for between two and four weeks to receive their products – despite Wish’s 1-5 day fulfillment rule. 

While some Wish customers will happily wait this long in exchange for affordable products, the reality is that most orders take much longer to arrive, making delivery speed one of the top complaints about the Wish app. 

However, sellers not wanting to wait weeks for their delivery can quickly find fast-shipped products using Wish Express and Wish 2-day, which is available exclusively through Deliverr.

These fast shipping programs (explained in more detail below) guarantee customers their orders in 5-days or 2-days respectively – presenting US merchants with a profitable opportunity to stand out on the platform with both low prices and fast shipping speeds. 

Is Wish safe to buy and sell on?

One of the most common questions about the app is whether Wish is safe to buy and sell on. The quick answer is: yes. 

Wish is a popular and legitimate marketplace that’s secure to buy on and safe to sell from. Some shoppers might hold reservations about the quality or shipping speeds of products from China, but Wish is working hard to overcome these concerns by offering fast shipping speeds of up to 2-days, verifying U.S. sellers, and authenticating brands through its brand registry. 

How does Wish work for sellers?

Wish operates in a very similar way to other online marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, and eBay.

Signing up as a Wish seller

To sell on Wish, you must be a manufacturer, brand owner, retailer, creator, crafter, or artist of the products you want to sell and own the rights to do so.

Sellers meeting the eligibility criteria can sign up via the merchant registration page.

Tip: If you’re a US-based Deliverr merchant, you can sign up through our partner link for special bonuses, including $100 in ProductBoost ad credit when you upload 10 products, and a 5% (instead of 15%) revenue share throughout 2020.

Fees for selling on Wish

Unlike other online marketplaces, you don’t pay a monthly fee for selling on Wish. Instead, Wish retains a revenue share percentage of the total order value whenever you make a sale, typically 15%.

For example, if you sell an item for $5.00 + $1.00 shipping, Wish will pay you $5.10. That number comes from: $6.00 – $0.90 (15%).

Tip: Deliverr customers signing up via Deliverr’s referral link can get reduced revenue share and ad credit.

Adding products

Wish sells a wide range of products spanning multiple categories, but niche items that have competitive pricing tends to do especially well on Wish. Our recent guide to product sourcing per sales channel explains a little more about the best types of products for selling on Wish.

Note that any products sold must not fall within Wish’s prohibited list of items, which includes counterfeit products, virtual goods, gift cards, and services.

Promoting products

Wish has many sellers tools for promoting your products on the channel and increasing sales. These include;

  • Wish Express – A fast shipping program that increases exposure for products that you can ship faster.
  • ProductBoost – A way to promote best-selling products to reach more audiences and stand out in the search results.
  • Promoted products – Product promotion campaigns run by Wish.
  • Trusted Store – A program that rewards successful merchants with Verified by Wish branding, increased impressions, high search result placement, and the ability to handle tickets from customers directly.

Wish Express

Wish Express is a fast shipping program that provides shoppers with express deliveries, similar to Amazon Prime and Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping. Customers shopping via Wish Express receive their items within 5-days, with no minimum spend or monthly membership. 

Sellers qualifying for Wish Express receive enhanced product promotion, too, through:

  • Preferential product placements and promotions that increase exposure by up to 10x. 
  • A bright orange Wish Express tag in the search results, making it easy for customers to identify eligible products. 
  • Inclusion in the Wish Express tab, used by shoppers to find items that ship fast. 

Wish 2-day

Wish 2-day is a fast shipping badge unique to sellers using Deliverr to fulfill their Wish orders. The standout badge dynamically advertises 2-day deliveries across Wish, based on a customer’s location and real-time inventory locations in the Deliverr network. 

Wish 2-day badges increase product rankings and impressions across the app, leading to an average 80% increase in sales


ProductBoost is a Wish advertising tool that increases product exposure by moving listings higher in the product rankings than they would appear organically. 

ProductBoost is an excellent tool for helping customers discover new products faster and for getting your best-selling items in front of more shoppers. 


IntenseBoost is another advertising tool that increases product exposure over a shorter period at a higher spend. Wish showcases products boosted with IntenseBoost in premium and highly visible locations on the app and the website. 

Verified by Wish

Verified by Wish is a special badge awarded to certain products and displayed against listings to enhance trust and increase sales. 

Wish awards the Verified by Wish badge to high-selling products with exceptional customer feedback. While you can’t apply for a Verified by Wish badge, you can increase your chances of receiving one by:

  • Maintaining a high number of sales
  • Achieving high ratings for products
  • Maintaining a low refund ratio

Fulfilling Wish orders

Wish sellers must fulfill orders within 1-5 days of order placement, otherwise Wish will automatically issue a customer refund.

There are a few different methods of fulfillment for Wish sellers:

1. In-house fulfillment

If you have existing processes in place or you’re starting small, you can fulfill Wish orders in-house. This involves picking, packaging, shipping, and tracking orders yourself, within the five-day fulfillment limit.

Note that to qualify for Wish Express in-house, you must meet the following:

  • Fulfillment within five working days of order placement
  • Confirmation of delivery within ten working days of orders placement
  • On-time arrival rate of 95%
  • Pre-fulfillment cancellation rate under 5%
  • Valid tracking numbers accompany orders.

You cannot qualify for Wish 2-day in-house, as this tag is only available through Deliverr. 

2. Fulfillment by Wish

If you don’t have the time, resources, or expertize to fulfill Wish orders in-house, you can use Fulfillment by Wish (FBW) – Wish’s answer to Fulfillment by Amazon. This involves packaging and shipping your inventory to Wish, for Wish to fulfill any orders placed.

Fulfillment by Wish has the benefits of hands-off fulfillment and automatic qualification for Wish Express. However, Fulfillment by Wish charges inbound and long-term storage fees and does not provide fulfillment for other sales channels. This makes Fulfillment by Wish unsuitable for multi-channel sellers or those with extensive inventories or slower-moving items. 

3. Outsourced fulfillment

If you sell on multiple sales channels or your products don’t meet the eligibility criteria for FBW, you can outsource your fulfillment to a Wish fulfillment partner. This involves packaging and shipping your inventory to an outsourced fulfillment provider who then fulfills any Wish, Shopify, Amazon, Walmart, or eBay orders placed.

In choosing an outsourced Wish fulfillment partner, look for one that automatically qualifies you for Wish Express. Deliverr does this on our standard shipping rates, giving you one of the most affordable rates to quality for marketplace fast shipping tags!

4. Deliverr

Deliverr is an outsourced fulfillment partner providing Wish Sellers with automatic qualification for Wish 2-day, which comes with an exclusive dynamic 2-day shipping tag.  

Deliverr distributes your stock across a network of warehouses in the U.S., strategically placing your inventory close to historical demand to boost shipping speeds across all of your sales channels and offer 2-day deliveries to Wish shoppers based on real-time inventory levels. 

Customer service

All customer service queries are initially handled by Wish’s customer service team. If they cannot adequately handle the query, they will get in touch with you for help.

Integrating your Wish store

Finally, if you sell on multiple sales channels, or intend to do so, you can use a multi-channel management tool to integrate your sales channels and fulfillment provider into one system for easy access and management.

How to maximize your sales on Wish

Standing out from the overwhelming amount of products on Wish might feel impossible, but you can successfully compete on the app and maximize your Wish sales with the right tactics. 

Ship quickly

Wish Express and Wish 2-day shipping programs guarantee customers their orders within 5-days and 2-days, respectively. Shipping via these programs not only increases your visibility and ranking in the search results, but when combined with Wish’s “Ship from U.S.” tag, they provide customers with implied reassurance about quality, customer service, and delivery standards. 

Tip: Use Deliverr to get access to either of those fast shipping badges, as well as the shipped from U.S. badge.

Stock quality products

Some shoppers worry that Wish’s low prices equal poor quality. Stand out from other sellers by stocking high-quality products that generate genuinely positive reviews and user-generated content that encourages others to trust you. 

Sell a variety of products

By sourcing products for Wish that cover both mainstream and niche interests, you immediately optimize your listings for different feeds, increasing your reach and sales. 

In particular, Wish’s product category opportunity updates help you identify products with limited supply, increasing the chances of ranking highly in an uncompetitive feed and receiving the engagement required to boost your visibility in a competitive feed. 

Tip: Get a monthly analysis of category and marketplace movement from Deliverr. Get a monthly newsletter with data on category movement, marketplace growth, and other tips to help you take advantage of the multi-channel opportunity. We’ll share which categories are doing well, which ones are growing the fastest (based on marketplace), and explain what it all means.

Enhance your listings for mobile

Mobile devices account for 90% of Wish transactions, so your listings and images must look great on a small screen and stand out when a shopper is quickly scrolling.

Optimize your listings by providing detailed and accurate product information and using multiple high-quality images – sellers see a boost of between 15 – 20% in sales when adding four extra photos. 

Offer product variations

Product variations optimize your listings for different feeds, increasing the number of customers you reach. In fact, by adding different sizes and colors to your listings, you can increase sales by up to 20%. Ensure you provide shoppers with detailed information on variations, including measurements for different sizes and photographs of different colors. 

Add product tags

You can add up to 10 product tags when listing a product on Wish – use them. Product tags operate as metadata that helps Wish categorize your product and place it in relevant feeds. Use descriptive, accurate, and relevant tags and try a mix of broad terms (Women’s Fashion) and granular terms (Dress). 

Take advantage of Wish’s seller tools

Wish Express, Wish 2-day, ProductBoost, and IntenseBoost are designed by Wish to maximize your visibility on the platform, increase sales, and help you earn your next million on Take advantage of them. 


And that’s the basics of what is Wish and how it works for sellers. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be delving into the next steps for getting started with Wish, including setting up a store, sourcing products, and qualifying for Wish Express. Watch this space.

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