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Why Now Is the Time to Start Prepping for a 2022 Fast Shipping Guarantee

As a business owner, a fast shipping guarantee is no longer an option but rather a necessity if you want to keep up with the competition. Research indicates that 54% of shoppers define fast shipping as something arriving in 2 days or less. This year, it’s important to update your shipping strategy and systems to provide the fast delivery options consumers have grown to expect.

Now the pressing question: Is your business equipped to handle this super speedy delivery demand? Sadly, if you can’t deliver your customers’ items at the speed they want, they will look to take their business elsewhere. Learn more about the importance of taking fast shipping seriously and how to get started below.

Why Merchants Must Keep up with the Fast Shipping Trend

According to a recent study, 90% of consumers see 2-day shipping as a baseline. Chris Mims wrote in an article for the Wall Street Journal, “Alongside life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, you can now add another inalienable right: two-day shipping on practically everything.” 

As a merchant—especially if you are direct-to-consumer (DTC) business—it’s apparent that you need to keep up with these customer expectations. Take note of the following perks of reliable shipping: 

  • Your customers will feel more inclined to purchase from your store again 
  • These same customers will tell their family, friends, and extended network about their amazing experience with your brand, resulting in new leads 
  • Growth of sales and revenue
  • Shoppers are least likely to abandon their carts 

With this in mind, giant online marketplaces like Walmart and eBay have jumped on the 2-day shipping bandwagon with Amazon. Meanwhile, Walmart kicks this service up a notch by offering a 2-day delivery guarantee. All of these shipping promises are free for shoppers with no minimum purchase requirement. 

Fast Shipping is Low-Hanging Fruit: Quick Benefits of a Fast Shipping Promise

When you focus on fast shipping in 2022, you’re setting your business up for success. For this reason, you must employ a reliable fulfillment method. Leverage a service like Deliverr so you can create a best-in-class shipping experience for your customers but without the headache on your end. This will allow you to focus on what you do best—marketing and selling products. Check out the primary benefits when you offer fast and affordable or free shipping in your eCommerce store: 

1. Increase Conversions Rate

As much as possible, shoppers don’t want to pay for shipping. If you are serious about increasing your conversion rate, make fast and affordable shipping a top priority. This will help you reduce cart abandonment in your eCommerce store and ultimately drive both new and repeat buyers.

2. Amplify Customer Loyalty

A huge benefit to customer loyalty isn’t only increased sales, but the referral potential you’ll have with their network, allowing you to expand your brand’s reach. In addition to the natural loyalty that comes with fast shipping, those who are loyal are more likely to opt into something like a loyalty program, which only furthers that relationship. There are lots of different types of loyalty programs such as a points system, subscription-based, tier-based, free perks, and more, which you can learn about (with examples!) here.

3. Boost Typical Order Value

Many brands have been successful at increasing orders by offering free shipping with a minimum purchase order requirement. For example, stores offer free and fast shipping for orders over $50. With this tag on your website, called fast tags with Deliverr, buyers are more inclined to add additional products to their cart to meet the criteria. People would rather buy more items to get free and fast shipping than pay for shipping (why not put that money towards something else?). In other words, this fast shipping tag is an excellent strategy to upsell. 

The Takeaway: Find a Reliable Fulfillment Partner ASAP

The key to seamless shipping is to find a fulfillment partner to meet your business’s needs. If you’ve tried self-fulfillment before, you may have felt worn out over packaging and shipping. While doing this DIY is manageable when you’re just starting out, it’s not a sustainable long-term strategy, especially with a 2-day shipping expectation in 2022. 

In short, it makes more sense to work with a 3rd-party logistics (3PL) partner like Deliverr to help make sure you can offer 2-day shipping and really mean it. With a reputable ally like Deliverr backing up your business, you can fulfill more orders quicker than you can in-house. The Deliverr team ensures every package gets shipped in time to meet shipping guarantees across different regions, so your inventory becomes closer to your end consumer. Learn more about localized delivery here, or book a meeting with our team today to see how Deliverr can help with fast delivery.

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