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Deliverr seller lands Walmart Buy Box after enabling 2-day delivery

Recently, a Deliverr client and Walmart seller landed the buy box after enabling fast-shipping tags on their listings. In addition to getting the main listing and boosting visibility for more than one of their products, they were able to do it without underpricing their competitors!

Win the Walmart buy box with 2-day delivery
Search results above show one unique item or bundle per listing, grouping sellers together

The search results show our seller in the number 1 spot, even without filtering for 2-day delivery.

Walmart’s website aggregates all of the similar products into a single search result, to reduce clutter that buyers have to filter through. Multiple other marketplaces do the same, which makes getting the buy box even more vital for sellers who don’t have brand exclusivity.


Enable Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping today


The most amazing thing is that in this listing for Pureology Perfect 4 Platinum Shampoo, their price is a few cents higher than the next seller, who doesn’t have fast shipping tags enabled.

Particularly with their new website, we’ve seen Walmart lean away from cheap prices and toward fast shipping as an important ranking factor. This is encouraging news for sellers who aren’t interested in competing in a price war, or race to the bottom at the expense of profits.

That isn’t this client’s only listing, either. They were able to add another of their products to 2-day shipping, and successfully land the buy box once again.

Would you like to get your items enabled on fast shipping programs? We integrate with multiple marketplaces to make it affordable and hassle-free to get those fast shipping tags on your listings.

This Deliverr merchant uses our Sellbrite and ChannelAdvisor integrations.

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