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Deliverr partners with Wish to power nationwide Wish Express fulfillment

Deliverr is excited to announce a new fulfillment program for Wish merchants who want to offer Wish Express delivery speeds for the millions of consumers who shop on Wish.

Wish is a shopping platform that features more than 100 million products from fashion to nutrition to homegoods. Wish is the second most downloaded shopping app in the world, and connects buyers and sellers across more than 120 countries. Wish Express is a fast shipping program that offers express shipping to shoppers.

The new partnership will empower Wish eCommerce merchants to keep up with consumer demand for fast shipping. It’s a familiar goal for Deliverr, who has close partnerships with marketplaces and sellers. Existing retailers have seen as much as a 900% sales boost after implementing fast delivery with Deliverr.

“Wish is excited to announce this new partnership with Deliverr as it gives our sellers a new way to reliably achieve Wish Express delivery speeds. With more merchants offering faster delivery at affordable prices, we continue to improve the buyer experience on our marketplace.” – Wish Founder and CEO Peter Szulczewski

When merchants use Deliverr to fulfill their Wish Express orders, they get pre-approved access. With Wish Express, merchants can enjoy improved search ranking and filter inclusion when shoppers filter for fast delivery. Merchant product listings receive up to 10x the impressions of non-Wish Express listings.

Wish Express products also get special placements across the Wish app, such as the Wish Express tab.

As consumer demand evolves, express delivery is becoming a necessity for eCommerce businesses that want to stay competitive. By partnering with Deliverr, thousands of merchants nationwide will be able to offer fast, affordable shipping to better compete with fast delivery. All of this on transparent and all-inclusive fulfillment rates, so merchants can see exactly what fulfillment will cost for each item they sell.

Merchants also get an extra layer of security when working with Deliverr, as orders fulfilled by Deliverr receive guaranteed seller protection. This means that sellers are protected from marketplace dings in the rare event that something shows up late.

With fast delivery improving conversions, transparent pricing improving the bottom line, and a hassle-free experience allowing merchants to invest their time elsewhere, Deliverr provides an ideal fulfillment model to help grow independent businesses.

Deliverr is a data-driven fulfillment company that predicts consumer demand and uses machine learning to place inventory nearby buyers. In order to achieve nationwide express delivery, we utilize warehouse space in strategic locations, without owning warehouses ourselves, to be able to follow location and demand trends.

Our partnership with Wish is an important milestone for our mission to bring fast shipping to merchants across channels, but it’s just the beginning. Stay tuned for what we reveal next, from the success stories of our merchants to the next marketplace we partner with.

Learn more at or sign up for Wish today.

Tip: If you’re a US-based Deliverr merchant, you can sign up through our partner link for special bonuses, including $100 in ProductBoost ad credit when you upload 10 products, and a 5% (instead of 15%) revenue share throughout 2020.

Translated to Chinese below.


Deliverr 隆重宣布了一项新的货运计划,让Wish商家可以为在Wish上消费的成百上千万

消费者提供Wish Express 交货速度。

Wish是一个购物平台,拥有超过1亿种产品,从时尚、营养品到家居用品应有尽有。Wish 是世界




这个新合作计划将使 Wish eCommerce 的商家能够满足消费者对快速交付的需求。对




“Wish 很高兴宣布与Deliverr建立新的合作关系,因为它为我们的卖家提供了一种可靠

地实现Wish Express 交付速度的新途径。” – Wish 创办人 Peter Szulczewski

当商家使用Deliverr履行其Wish Express 订单的时候,他们会拿到预先批准的权限。凭

借 Wish Express, 在购物者用快速交付作为指标进行筛选的时候,商家可以获得更好的

搜索排名,并且出现在筛选结果中。商家产品清单的展示量是非 Wish Express清单的10



Wish Express 的产品还会在Wish应用程序中获得特殊的位置,例如放置在Wish Express







商家还可以通过Deliverr 获得额外的安全保障,因为Deliverr履行的订单可以得到有保






Deliverr 是一家数据驱动的订单履行公司,可以预测消费者需求并使用机器学习将库存








更多信息请访问 或立即 注册Wish

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