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Get access to eBay Fast 'N Free with Deliverr

What is eBay?

eBay is one of the first, largest, and most well-known online marketplaces in the world. With 183 million active buyers, more than 25 million sellers, and $10.7 billion in revenue (2017) it is a big marketplace that’s attractive to any eCommerce seller.


Access eBay Fast ‘N Free

Deliverr merchants get access to eBay Fast ‘N Free tags, which help your listings stand out in the search results and when shoppers filter for fast delivery. Fast ‘N Free tags appear on search results, individual listing pages, and checkout confirmation pages to encourage shoppers to make a purchase.


Increased conversions

Enjoy increased conversions with faster delivery. Buyers can filter items for guaranteed delivery dates, so you reach last-minute shoppers and buyers who want their items as quickly as possible. The bright green Fast ‘N Free tags stand out in search results, and the individual listing pages come with a countdown timer for purchase to push shoppers through to purchase as quickly as possible.


Easy integration

Deliverr merchants can easily activate eBay Fast ‘N Free from their Deliverr dashboards. Just select eBay when creating an account, or go to your Channels page and select Add Sales Channels.

Note: Deliverr can only sync products and orders associated with fixed price listings. We cannot sync with items for sale in an eBay auction.

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