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Where are your warehouses located?

We have 80+ locations across the country, including in California, Texas, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New Jersey (to name a few). We also have 2 Cross-docks, 5 Sortation Centers, and 12 carriers to power 2-day and Next-day delivery.  When you send inventory to Deliverr, you can expect to send inventory to around 3-5 different locations across the country.


Do you support returns?

We are actively working on returns processing to support buyer returns. This feature should be available to all merchants within Q2 of 2022. In the meantime, schedule time with one of our specialists so that we can understand your requirements! 

Currently, if a buyer returns items to Deliverr of their own accord, we will put the items in our unfulfillable inventory. Such items will not be put back into sellable inventory due to fraud concerns. We will then report to you about such returned items.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we have launched international shipping to all Deliverr merchants to fulfill their international orders out of our US warehouses.

We support shipping to over 220 countries, including Canada, Mexico, and military addresses. Please note that international fulfillment fees are currently duty unpaid – customers are responsible for paying applicable duties when the package arrives at customs in the destination country.


What integrations do you support?

We currently support direct integrations with Walmart, eBay, Wish, and Shopify. We also have integrations with Sellbrite, SellerActive, GeekSeller, Acenda, Listing Mirror, Skubana, Linnworks, ChannelAdvisor, Zentail, SellerCloud, and Ecomdash. View our full list of integrations here.

Additionally, we have the ability to custom integrate into a number of ERP’s including Netsuite.


Can Deliverr fulfill Amazon orders?

Deliverr can fulfill Amazon FBM orders. Learn more here.


Can Deliverr send inventory to FBA?

At this time Deliverr does not send inventory to FBA. However, we’re currently working on this feature which should be available by Q2 2022. In the meantime, please schedule time with one of our specialists so that we may get your requirements.


What type of packaging options do you support?

We only support brand-neutral packaging and do not support custom branded packaging or inserts at this time. This greatly increases the speed of your fulfillment. If you require custom packaging, please schedule time with one of our specialists so that we may get your requirements.


What are all the costs associated with Deliverr?

There are two main cost buckets – fulfillment and storage. Your fulfillment costs can be calculated at deliverr.com/fulfillment-cost.

For storage, we have short-term and long-term pricing, which is based on age of inventory. They can be found here.

The only other cost would be for removals, if you’d like to remove inventory. Those fees can be found here.

We do not charge for receiving inventory as long as it complies with our inbound receiving rules, specified in our support center.


Do you handle wholesale fulfillment?

Today, we only handle direct-to-consumer fulfillment. For large orders, you can issue a removal, which will be charged the removal fee associated above. We do not offer any special prep or labeling for removals. If your business requires wholesale fulfillment, please schedule time with one of our specialists so that we may get your requirements.

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