Advanced, feature-rich multi-channel management software

What is Zentail?

Zentail is an ecommerce operations platform built for multichannel brands and resellers. The platform is consistently rated five stars for its reliability, ease of use and white-glove support. It’s the only solution of its kind that can keep up with the ever-changing world of ecommerce, thanks to thoughtfully designed, AI-driven features.


Accelerate Your Growth On and Beyond Amazon

It’s not uncommon to become preoccupied with Amazon, but it’s dangerous to become over-reliant on it. Zentail gives you the tools and time to grow on Amazon while also letting you expand to new channels. With Zentail, sellers have seen on average 30% GMV growth, 3x channel diversification and 100+ hours saved per month.


Simplify Listing and Pricing

Get AI-powered PIM tools that make listing to new channels a breeze. Zentail’s patented SMART Types system auto-categorizes and formats product data to each marketplace, so you can avoid costly listing errors. Zentail also includes Amazon and Walmart repricers that test prices to have you winning the buy box at the highest possible price.


Keep Inventory in Check

“Last year, we were overselling once or twice a week. We didn’t experience that this year at all…Zentail can adjust inventory so much quicker than any other system I’ve ever used.” – Martin Mitchell, Online Sales Manager at DNW Outdoors

Manage all of your channels and warehouses from one command center. Zentail automatically synchronizes orders and quantities across channels, whether you’re selling single units or bundled items, fulfilling through FBA or Deliverr.


Forecast & Reorder in Real Time

Don’t leave your inventory to chance. With Zentail’s real-time forecasting and PO automation, you can break free from traditional 30-day cycles and keep up with sudden surges and dips in demand. Find your optimal reorder point based on sales velocity, lead times, holding costs, profit margin and more.

Connect Deliverr and Zentail

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