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2019 Fee Changes for Deliverr

2019 Fee Changes

USPS and UPS have announced their annual fee increases for 2019. On average, USPS rates for First Class packages have gone up 11.9%, and UPS Ground rates have gone up 4.9%.

While our costs to fulfill and deliver orders increased this year, our continued investments in technology and network efficiency have allowed us to limit the fee changes for you in 2019. Certain fulfillment fees will be increasing, while certain fulfillment and storage fees will go down.

Our goal was to minimize the impact of these adjustments for as many of you as possible, and we expect over 70% of Deliverr units fulfilled to experience no change — or even a decrease. There are no changes in fulfillment fees for orders that are part of the Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping program.

All fee changes will go into effect on April 13th, 2019.

Long Term Storage Fee Changes

We are removing the 180 – 360 Days tier in our storage pricing. This change means products previously in the 180 – 360 Days tier now enjoy the same storage pricing as products in the 0 – 180 Days tier.

How do I see my new pricing?

There are three ways to see your products’ new fulfillment fees. Note that the new fees will not go into effect until April 13th.

On the Cost Calculator

The Deliverr Cost Calculator now displays the new pricing.

On the Inventory Page

Your Seller Portal’s Inventory Page has a toggle to set Cost Previews to display the new 2019 pricing.

On the Inventory Detail Page

Your Inventory Detail pages have toggles that switch Cost Previews for your individual products between old and new pricing.

Please review your new fulfillment fees moving forward. These fee changes will take effect on April 13th, 2019.

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