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2020 Fee Changes for Deliverr

2020 Fee Changes

FedEx, UPS, and USPS have increased their shipping prices for 2020 as follows:

Our goal at Deliverr is to shield our sellers from the impact of these increases and to incorporate their feedback in our new pricing. As a result, with our 2020 pricing, we estimate that over 84% of units fulfilled by Deliverr will experience no increase in fulfillment costs. Some will even decrease.

All fee changes will go into effect on March 1st, 2020.

Storage Fees

We will lower the effective storage costs for many of our sellers by removing per-SKU storage minimums. We are also transitioning our base storage rates to a seasonal model to better reflect demand for warehouse space:

  • From January to September, the monthly storage rate will be $0.72 per cubic foot.
  • From October to December, the monthly storage rate will be $2.40 per cubic foot.

Multi-Unit Discounts

We are increasing multi-unit discounts across a wide range of products and services. As a result, 27% of units fulfilled will see a decrease in multi-unit fulfillment cost, and 72% of units fulfilled will see no change. For 1% of the units which constitute heavier and bulkier items, we are removing multi-unit discounts to reflect the costs involved.

2 Day Fulfillment Fees

Our investments in efficiency improvements have allowed us to limit increases to the popular Walmart 2 Day and Shopify 2 Day fast tag programs. The majority of prices for these two programs are unchanged.

For orders that are not through the Walmart 2 Day and Shopify 2 Day programs, we have less control over shipping costs and hence, fulfillment prices will increase on average by 28.5%. If your account has a significant number of orders that will be impacted by these price increases, your client success manager will reach out with a plan to transition those orders to Walmart or Shopify 2 Day programs.

Three Ways To See New Pricing

There are three ways to see products’ new fulfillment fees. The new fees will not go into effect until March 1st, 2020.

On the Cost Calculator

The Deliverr Cost Calculator now displays the new pricing.

On the Inventory Page

The Seller Portal’s Inventory Page has a toggle to set Cost Previews to display the new 2020 pricing.

On the Inventory Detail Page

The Inventory Detail pages have toggles that switch Cost Previews for individual products between old and new pricing.

These fee changes will take effect on March 1st, 2020.

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