How to Prepare for Amazon’s New Storage Restrictions Ahead of Prime Day

Amazon Storage Restrictions

This May, Amazon announced FBA inventory storage limits had further decreased, which is important news as we approach Prime Day on June 21st and 22nd.

What this means for Amazon sellers

Amazon Prime day approaching means that Amazon sellers can expect higher demand in just a few weeks, but may face challenges when trying to bulk up FBA inventory to prepare for it. For sellers whose primary Amazon fulfillment method is FBA, it will be important to take extra measures to avoid going out of stock, consequently losing hard-earned rankings and sales.

What to do 

According to Bobsled Marketing’s Kiri Masters, “Whether the restrictions are a short-term nuisance or something that’s here to stay, it will make 2021’s Prime Day a challenge that will make or break many Amazon sellers.”

Sellers can get ahead of the problem by diversifying their fulfillment methods early. The alternative to relying on FBA and risking the potential of out-of-stock status is to use a combination of FBA and FBM. With this method, sellers send whatever inventory they can into the FBA network for Amazon-fueled fulfillment, and then stock the rest of their items into an outsourced fulfillment network like Deliverr.

Diversify Your Amazon Fulfillment

We’ve seen merchants successfully build mirror FBM listings for every FBA listing, and then have their FBM listings kick in whenever their FBA listings sell out. 

Here are some examples of Deliverr merchants who deployed this strategy:

Those are just two examples, but we believe most merchants will benefit from a diversified Amazon fulfillment strategy. If you would like to learn how to diversify your fulfillment, check out our article on how to use Deliverr to fulfill Amazon orders.

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